Joseph Rios
Joseph Rios
Assistant Professor of Quantitative Methodology, University of Minnesota
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Validity evidence based on internal structure
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Assessing intercultural competence in higher education: Existing research and future directions
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Validation of automated scoring of science assessments
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Assessing civic competency and engagement in higher education: Research background, frameworks, and directions for next‐generation assessment
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Decisions that make a difference in detecting differential item functioning
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Evaluating the impact of careless responding on aggregated-scores: To filter unmotivated examinees or not?
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The effects of motivational instruction on college students' performance on low-stakes assessment
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A new procedure for detection of students’ rapid guessing responses using response time
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Identifying low‐effort examinees on student learning outcomes assessment: A comparison of two approaches
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Identifying critical 21st-century skills for workplace success: A content analysis of job advertisements
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Guidelines versus practices in cross-lingual assessment: A disconcerting disconnect
JA Rios, SG Sireci
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Online proctored versus unproctored low-stakes internet test administration: Is there differential test-taking behavior and performance?
JA Rios, OL Liu
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Can culture be a salient predictor of test-taking engagement? An analysis of differential noneffortful responding on an international college-level assessment of critical thinking
JA Rios, H Guo
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Statistical methods for validating test adaptations used in cross-cultural research.
JA Rios, RK Hambleton
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Parameter estimation accuracy of the Effort-Moderated Item Response Theory Model under multiple assumption violations
JA Rios, J Soland
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Development and Validation of the Written Communication Assessment of the HEIghten® Outcomes Assessment Suite
JA Rios, JR Sparks, M Zhang, OL Liu
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A Longitudinal Analysis of Doctoral Graduate Supply in the Educational Measurement Field
J Randall, JA Rios, HJ Jung
Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice, 2020
Assessing Civic and Intercultural Competency in Higher Education: The ETS HEIghten® Approach
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Comparing scores from tests administered in different languages
SG Sireci, JA Rios, S Powers
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Psychometric evaluation of the listening sentence span task: A working memory measure for English language learners
JA Rios
UC Riverside, 2011
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