Sergey Kichko
Sergey Kichko
Подтвержден адрес электронной почты в домене
Trade patterns and export pricing under non-CES preferences
S Kichko, S Kokovin, E Zhelobodko
Journal of international economics 94 (1), 129-142, 2014
Competition in the traditional sector does not matter for the ‘Core–Periphery’model
K Behrens, S Kichko, E Zhelobodko
Economics Letters 122 (1), 94-99, 2014
Trade costs, regional inequality, and the Home-Market Effect
S Kichko
Spatial Economic Analysis 13 (4), 387-399, 2018
How do trade and communication costs shape the spatial organization of firms?
T Gokan, S Kichko, JF Thisse
Journal of Urban Economics 113, 103191, 2019
Competition, Land Prices, and City Size
S Kichko
CESifo Working Paper, 2019
Intersectoral Markup Divergence
K Behrens, S Kichko, P Ushchev
CESifo Working Paper Series, 2018
Factor Structure and Market Integration under Two-Factor Monopolistic Competition Model
EV Zhelobodko, SI Kichko, PA Ushchev
Spatial Economics= Prostranstvennaya Ekonomika, 10-29, 2013
Variable elasticity of substitution and price of capital in asymmetric trade model
S Kichko, S Kokovin, E Zhelobodko
NRU HSE Working Paper, 2012
Intersectoral linkages: Good shocks, bad outcomes?
K Behrens, S Kichko, P Ushchev
CEPR Discussion Paper No. DP13946, 2019
Heterogeneity in Conformism, Firm Selection, and Home Bias
S Kichko, PM Picard
Higher School of Economics Research Paper No. WP BRP 187, 2018
Input–output linkages and optimal product diversity
S Kichko
Economics Letters 158, 58-61, 2017
Core-Periphery vs. Home Market Effect: Trade in the Traditional Sector and the Demand Advantage
S Kichko
Higher School of Economics Research Paper No. WP BRP 159, 2017
Welfare in multisector models with endogenous product ranges
K Behrens, S Kichko, P Ushchev
Intersectoral markup divergence and welfare
K Behrens_, S Kichko, P Ushchev
Trade liberalization and markup divergence: a general equilibrium approach.
K Behrens, S Kichko, P Ushchev
The Distribution of Entrepreneurial Abilities and Productivity: the Structure of the Labor Market
V Sharunova, A Aistov, S Kichko, D Pokrovsky
Two-Factor Model of Monopolistic Competition and Market Integration
S Kichko, S Kokovin, E Zhelobodko
GAME THEORY AND MANAGEMENT. Collected abstracts of papers presented on the …, 2013
Two-factor trade model with monopolistic competition
S Kichko, S Kokovin, E Zhelobodko
Core-Periphery model: does perfect competition matters?
S Kichko, E Zhelobodko
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