Sooyong Choi
Sooyong Choi
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Non-orthogonal multiple access in a downlink multiuser beamforming system
B Kimy, S Lim, H Kim, S Suh, J Kwun, S Choi, C Lee, S Lee, D Hong
MILCOM 2013-2013 IEEE Military Communications Conference, 1278-1283, 2013
Optimal duplex mode for DF relay in terms of the outage probability
T Kwon, S Lim, S Choi, D Hong
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 59 (7), 3628-3634, 2010
Gas distribution plate and substrate treating apparatus including the same
JW Choi, C Park
US Patent 8,702,867, 2014
Joint mode selection and power allocation scheme for power-efficient device-to-device (D2D) communication
M Jung, K Hwang, S Choi
2012 IEEE 75th vehicular technology conference (VTC Spring), 1-5, 2012
System and method for reconstructing traffic accident
JW Choi, OC Kwon, HS Kim, DY Kwak
US Patent App. 12/512,565, 2010
Caffeine as a lipolytic food component increases endurance performance in rats and athletes
S Ryu, SK Choi, SS JoUNG, H Suh, YS Cha, S Lee, K Lim
Journal of nutritional science and vitaminology 47 (2), 139-146, 2001
Performance analysis of large intelligent surfaces (LISs): Asymptotic data rate and channel hardening effects
M Jung, W Saad, Y Jang, G Kong, S Choi
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 19 (3), 2052-2065, 2020
Transdifferentiation of mesenchymal stem cells into cardiomyocytes by direct cell-to-cell contact with neonatal cardiomyocyte but not adult cardiomyocytes
J Yoon, WJ Shim, YM Ro, DS Lim
Annals of hematology 84 (11), 715-721, 2005
Riesz transform on manifolds and Poincaré inequalitie
P Auscher, T Coulhon
Annali della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa-Classe di Scienze 4 (3), 531-555, 2005
A new filter-bank multicarrier system with two prototype filters for QAM symbols transmission and reception
H Nam, M Choi, S Han, C Kim, S Choi, D Hong
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 15 (9), 5998-6009, 2016
Immuno-chromatographic rapid assay in order to detect acid-resistant microorganisms in the stool
C Reiter, G Cullman, M Lakner, A Trüe, S Dehnert, G Schwartz
US Patent 7,129,053, 2006
Network massive MIMO for cell-boundary users: From a precoding normalization perspective
C Lee, CB Chae, T Kim, S Choi, J Lee
2012 IEEE Globecom Workshops, 233-237, 2012
Uplink NOMA with multi-antenna
B Kim, W Chung, S Lim, S Suh, J Kwun, S Choi, D Hong
2015 IEEE 81st vehicular technology conference (VTC Spring), 1-5, 2015
Performance of an MC-CDMA system with frequency offsets in correlated fading
T Kim, Y Kim, J Park, K Ko, S Choi, C Kang, D Hong
2000 IEEE International Conference on Communications. ICC 2000. Global …, 2000
New OFDM channel estimation with dual-ICI cancellation in highly mobile channel
K Kwak, S Lee, H Min, S Choi, D Hong
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 9 (10), 3155-3165, 2010
Synergistic effects of glutathione and β-mercaptoethanol treatment during in vitro maturation of porcine oocytes on early embryonic development in a culture system supplemented …
C Choe, YW Shin, EJ Kim, SR Cho, HJ Kim, SH Choi, MH Han, J Han, ...
Journal of Reproduction and Development, 1007140288-1007140288, 2010
Performance of MC-CDMA systems in non-independent Rayleigh fading
J Park, J Kim, S Choi, N Cho, D Hong
1999 IEEE International Conference on Communications (Cat. No. 99CH36311) 1 …, 1999
A decision feedback recurrent neural equalizer as an infinite impulse response filter
S Ong, C You, S Choi, D Hong
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 45 (11), 2851-2858, 1997
A beamforming codebook restriction for cross-tier interference coordination in two-tier femtocell networks
S Park, W Seo, S Choi, D Hong
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 60 (4), 1651-1663, 2011
Comparative analysis of the effects of belly board and bladder distension in postoperative radiotherapy of rectal cancer patients
TH Kim, DY Kim, KH Cho, YH Kim, KH Jung, JB Ahn, HJ Chang, JY Kim, ...
Strahlentherapie und Onkologie 181 (9), 601-605, 2005
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