Erin Purcell
Erin Purcell
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Glial responses to implanted electrodes in the brain
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Alginate composition effects on a neural stem cell–seeded scaffold
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Multi-scale, multi-modal analysis uncovers complex relationship at the brain tissue-implant neural interface: new emphasis on the biological interface
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Flavopiridol reduces the impedance of neural prostheses in vivo without affecting recording quality
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Ultracompact microwatt CMOS current readout with picoampere noise and kilohertz bandwidth for biosensor arrays
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JW Salatino, BM Winter, MH Drazin, EK Purcell
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BDNF profoundly and specifically increases KCNQ4 expression in neurons derived from embryonic stem cells
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The intrinsic electrophysiological properties of neurons derived from mouse embryonic stem cells overexpressing neurogenin-1
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All-diamond microfiber electrodes for neurochemical analysis
CA Rusinek, Y Guo, R Rechenberg, MF Becker, E Purcell, M Verber, ...
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Micro-reflector integrated multichannel μLED optogenetic neurostimulator with enhanced intensity
W Khan, M Setien, E Purcell, W Li
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Flexible, diamond-based microelectrodes fabricated using the diamond growth side for neural sensing
B Fan, CA Rusinek, CH Thompson, M Setien, Y Guo, R Rechenberg, ...
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Toward guiding principles for the design of biologically-integrated electrodes for the central nervous system
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Stem cells and development 21 (15), 2827-2837, 2012
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