Roberto De Renzi
Roberto De Renzi
Department of Mathematical, Physical and Computer Science, University of Parma
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Evidence of Orbital Reconstruction at Interfaces in Ultrathin Films
A Tebano, C Aruta, S Sanna, PG Medaglia, G Balestrino, AA Sidorenko, ...
Physical Review Letters 100 (13), 137401, 2008
Electronic phase separation in lanthanum manganites: Evidence from NMR
G Allodi, R De Renzi, G Guidi, F Licci, MW Pieper
Physical Review B 56 (10), 6036, 1997
First Order Nucleation of Charge Ordered Domains in Detected by and NMR
G Allodi, R De Renzi, F Licci, MW Pieper
Physical review letters 81 (21), 4736, 1998
Suppression of the superconducting condensate in the high-T c cuprates by Zn substitution and overdoping: evidence for an unconventional pairing state
C Bernhard, JL Tallon, C Bucci, R De Renzi, G Guidi, GVM Williams, ...
Physical review letters 77 (11), 2304, 1996
Nanoscopic Coexistence of Magnetism and Superconductivity in Detected by Muon Spin Rotation
S Sanna, G Allodi, G Concas, AD Hillier, R De Renzi
Physical review letters 93 (20), 207001, 2004
139 La NMR in lanthanum manganites: Indication of the presence of magnetic polarons from spectra and nuclear relaxations
G Allodi, R De Renzi, G Guidi
Physical Review B 57 (2), 1024, 1998
Strain-induced phase separation in thin films
A Tebano, C Aruta, PG Medaglia, F Tozzi, G Balestrino, AA Sidorenko, ...
Physical Review B 74 (24), 245116, 2006
Magnetic-superconducting phase boundary of studied via muon spin rotation: Unified behavior in a pnictide family
S Sanna, R De Renzi, G Lamura, C Ferdeghini, A Palenzona, M Putti, ...
Physical Review B 80 (5), 052503, 2009
Preparation and characterization of thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition
C Aruta, M Angeloni, G Balestrino, NG Boggio, PG Medaglia, A Tebano, ...
Journal of Applied physics 100 (2), 023910, 2006
Ultraslow Polaron Dynamics in Low-Doped Manganites from NMR-NQR and Muon Spin Rotation
G Allodi, MC Guidi, R De Renzi, A Caneiro, L Pinsard
Physical review letters 87 (12), 127206, 2001
Recent advances in the chemistry and physics of fullerenes and related materials
Electruchem. Soc. Proc. Ser., 1217-1221, 1997
Playing quantum hide-and-seek with the muon: localizing muon stopping sites
JS Möller, P Bonfà, D Ceresoli, F Bernardini, SJ Blundell, T Lancaster, ...
Physica Scripta 88 (6), 068510, 2013
-wave pairing in the optimally doped LaOFBiS superconductor
G Lamura, T Shiroka, P Bonfa, S Sanna, R De Renzi, C Baines, ...
Physical Review B 88 (18), 180509, 2013
Magnetic states of lightly hole-doped cuprates in the clean limit as seen via zero-field muon spin spectroscopy
F Coneri, S Sanna, K Zheng, J Lord, R De Renzi
Physical Review B 81 (10), 104507, 2010
NMR and high-resolution x-ray diffraction evidence for an alkali-metal fulleride with large interstitial clusters: Li 12 C 60
L Cristofolini, M Ricco, R De Renzi
Physical Review B 59 (13), 8343, 1999
Effect of Two Gaps on the Flux-Lattice Internal Field Distribution: Evidence of Two Length Scales in from SR
S Serventi, G Allodi, R De Renzi, G Guidi, L Romano, P Manfrinetti, ...
Physical review letters 93 (21), 217003, 2004
Coherent manipulation of a molecular Ln-based nuclear qudit coupled to an electron qubit
R Hussain, G Allodi, A Chiesa, E Garlatti, D Mitcov, A Konstantatos, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 (31), 9814-9818, 2018
Ab initio strategy for muon site assignment in wide band gap fluorides
F Bernardini, P Bonfa, S Massidda, R De Renzi
Physical Review B 87 (11), 115148, 2013
Rotational dynamics of solid fullerene C70 monitored by positive muon spin labels
TJS Dennis, K Prassides, E Roduner, L Cristofolini, R DeRenzi
The Journal of Physical Chemistry 97 (33), 8553-8556, 1993
Structural and magnetic properties of In1−xMnxSb: Effect of Mn complexes and MnSb nanoprecipitates
AV Kochura, BA Aronzon, KG Lisunov, AV Lashkul, AA Sidorenko, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 113 (8), 083905, 2013
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