Jesse Berezovsky
Jesse Berezovsky
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Picosecond coherent optical manipulation of a single electron spin in a quantum dot
J Berezovsky, MH Mikkelsen, NG Stoltz, LA Coldren, DD Awschalom
Science 320 (5874), 349-352, 2008
Imaging of spin dynamics in closure domain and vortex structures
JP Park, P Eames, DM Engebretson, J Berezovsky, PA Crowell
Physical Review B 67 (2), 020403, 2003
Spatially resolved dynamics of localized spin-wave modes in ferromagnetic wires
JP Park, P Eames, DM Engebretson, J Berezovsky, PA Crowell
Physical review letters 89 (27), 277201, 2002
Nondestructive optical measurements of a single electron spin in a quantum dot
J Berezovsky, MH Mikkelsen, O Gywat, NG Stoltz, LA Coldren, ...
Science 314 (5807), 1916-1920, 2006
Optically detected coherent spin dynamics of a single electron in a quantum dot
MH Mikkelsen, J Berezovsky, NG Stoltz, LA Coldren, DD Awschalom
Nature Physics 3 (11), 770-773, 2007
Spin Accumulation in Forward-Biased M n A s/G a A s Schottky Diodes
J Stephens, J Berezovsky, JP McGuire, LJ Sham, AC Gossard, ...
Physical review letters 93 (9), 097602, 2004
Imaging coherent transport in graphene (part I): mapping universal conductance fluctuations
J Berezovsky, MF Borunda, EJ Heller, RM Westervelt
Nanotechnology 21 (27), 274013, 2010
Spins in optically active quantum dots: concepts and methods
O Gywat, HJ Krenner, J Berezovsky
John Wiley & Sons, 2009
Cavity enhanced Faraday rotation of semiconductor quantum dots
YQ Li, DW Steuerman, J Berezovsky, DS Seferos, GC Bazan, ...
Applied physics letters 88 (19), 193126, 2006
Initialization and read-out of spins in coupled core–shell quantum dots
J Berezovsky, O Gywat, F Meier, D Battaglia, X Peng, DD Awschalom
Nature Physics 2 (12), 831-834, 2006
Spatial imaging of magnetically patterned nuclear spins in GaAs
J Stephens, RK Kawakami, J Berezovsky, M Hanson, DP Shepherd, ...
Physical Review B 68 (4), 041307, 2003
Scaling of transverse nuclear magnetic relaxation due to magnetic nanoparticle aggregation
KA Brown, CC Vassiliou, D Issadore, J Berezovsky, MJ Cima, ...
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 322 (20), 3122-3126, 2010
Epitaxial ferromagnetic metal/GaAs (100) heterostructures
LC Chen, JW Dong, BD Schultz, CJ Palmstro/m, J Berezovsky, A Isakovic, ...
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer …, 2000
Spin dynamics and level structure of quantum-dot quantum wells
J Berezovsky, M Ouyang, F Meier, DD Awschalom, D Battaglia, X Peng
Physical Review B 71 (8), 081309, 2005
Imaging universal conductance fluctuations in graphene
MF Borunda, J Berezovsky, RM Westervelt, EJ Heller
ACS nano 5 (5), 3622-3627, 2011
Magneto-optical imaging of vortex domain deformation in pinning sites
R Badea, JA Frey, J Berezovsky
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 381, 463-469, 2015
Fast nanoscale addressability of nitrogen-vacancy spins via coupling to a dynamic ferromagnetic vortex
MS Wolf, R Badea, J Berezovsky
Nature Communications 7, 11584, 2016
Mapping the landscape of domain-wall pinning in ferromagnetic films using differential magneto-optical microscopy
R Badea, J Berezovsky
Physical Review Applied 5 (6), 064003, 2016
Magnetic-field-dependent spin decoherence and dephasing in room-temperature CdSe nanocrystal quantum dots
AK Fumani, J Berezovsky
Physical Review B 88 (15), 155316, 2013
Control of magnetic anisotropy in films on vicinal GaAs and surfaces
AF Isakovic, J Berezovsky, PA Crowell, LC Chen, DM Carr, BD Schultz, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 89 (11), 6674-6676, 2001
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