Stefan Mashkevich, Стефан Машкевич
Stefan Mashkevich, Стефан Машкевич
Kiev University
Подтвержден адрес электронной почты в домене
Optimization of algorithms for ion mobility calculations
AA Shvartsburg, SV Mashkevich, ES Baker, RD Smith
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 111 (10), 2002-2010, 2007
Critical behaviour of SU (2) lattice gauge theory. A complete analysis with the χ2-method
J Engels, S Mashkevich, T Scheideler, G Zinovjev
Physics Letters B 365 (1-4), 219-224, 1996
Superfluid Bose Liquid with a Suppressed BEC and an Intensive Pair Coherent Condensate as a Model of
EA Pashitskii, SV Mashkevich, SI Vilchynskyy
Physical review letters 89 (7), 075301, 2002
Feasibility of higher-order differential ion mobility separations using new asymmetric waveforms
AA Shvartsburg, SV Mashkevich, RD Smith
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 110 (8), 2663-2673, 2006
Magnetic moment and perturbation theory with singular magnetic fields
A Comtet, S Mashkevich, S Ouvry
Physical Review D 52 (4), 2594, 1995
Incorporation of thermal rotation of drifting ions into mobility calculations: drastic effect for heavier buffer gases
AA Shvartsburg, SV Mashkevich, KWM Siu
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 104 (42), 9448-9453, 2000
On the Structure of the Superfluid State and Quasiparticle Spectrum in a Bose Liquid with a Suppressed Bose–Einstein Condensate
EA Pashitskii, SV Mashkevich, SI Vilchynskyy
Journal of low temperature physics 134 (3), 851-879, 2004
On the thermodynamics of multispecies anyons
SB Isakov, S Mashkevich, S Ouvry
Nuclear Physics B 448 (3), 457-469, 1995
Exact solutions of a many-anyon problem
SV Mashkevich
International Journal of Modern Physics A 7 (32), 7931-7942, 1992
The nature of the three-anyon wave functions
S Mashkevich, J Myrheim, K Olaussen, R Rietman
Physics Letters B 348 (3-4), 473-480, 1995
The third virial coefficient of anyons revisited
S Mashkevich, J Myrheim, K Olaussen
Physics Letters B 382 (1-2), 124-130, 1996
Finite-size anyons and perturbation theory
S Mashkevich
Physical Review D 54 (10), 6537, 1996
Towards the exact spectrum of the three-anyon problem
SV Mashkevich
Physics Letters B 295 (3-4), 233-236, 1992
Area distribution of two-dimensional random walks on a square lattice
S Mashkevich, S Ouvry
Journal of Statistical Physics 137 (1), 71-78, 2009
Statistical mechanics and thermodynamics for multispecies exclusion statistics
SB Isakov, S Mashkevich
Nuclear Physics B 504 (3), 701-718, 1997
Self-consistent calculation of quasi-particle spectrum in superfluid Bose-liquid with a Bose-Einstein quenched condensate
EA Pashitskij, SI Vilchinskij, SV Mashkevich
Fizika Nizkikh Temperatur 28 (2), 115-122, 2002
Quantum mechanics and thermodynamics of particles with distance-dependent statistics
SV Mashkevich
Physical Review D 48 (12), 5953, 1993
«Царь и народ: вот формула нашего времени». О взглядах НЕ Маркова в 1930-е гг
АА Иванов, СВ Машкевич, АС Пученков
Новейшая история России, 2014
Exact results for the spectra of bosons and fermions with contact interaction
S Mashkevich, S Matveenko, S Ouvry
Nuclear Physics B 763 (3), 431-444, 2007
The fourth virial coefficient of anyons
A Kristoffersen, S Mashkevich, J Myrhem, K Olaussen
International Journal of Modern Physics A 13 (21), 3723-3747, 1998
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