Alexander Skeels
Alexander Skeels
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Earth history events shaped the evolution of uneven biodiversity across tropical moist forests
O Hagen, A Skeels, RE Onstein, W Jetz, L Pellissier
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118 (40), e2026347118, 2021
Reconstructing the geography of speciation from contemporary biodiversity data
A Skeels, M Cardillo
The American Naturalist 193 (2), 240-255, 2019
Alternative pathways to diversity across ecologically distinct lizard radiations
A Skeels, D Esquerré, M Cardillo
Global Ecology and Biogeography 29 (3), 454-469, 2020
Environmental niche conservatism explains the accumulation of species richness in Mediterranean-hotspot plant genera
A Skeels, M Cardillo
Evolution 71 (3), 582-594, 2017
There is little evidence that spicy food in hot countries is an adaptation to reducing infection risk
L Bromham, A Skeels, H Schneemann, R Dinnage, X Hua
Nature Human Behaviour 5 (7), 878-891, 2021
Spatiophylogenetic modelling of extinction risk reveals evolutionary distinctiveness and brief flowering period as threats in a hotspot plant genus
R Dinnage, A Skeels, M Cardillo
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 287 (1926), 20192817, 2020
The geography of climate and the global patterns of species diversity
MTP Coelho, E Barreto, TF Rangel, JAF Diniz-Filho, RO Wüest, W Bach, ...
Nature 622 (7983), 537-544, 2023
Equilibrium and non-equilibrium phases in the radiation of Hakea and the drivers of diversity in Mediterranean-type ecosystems
A Skeels, M Cardillo
Evolution 73 (7), 1392-1410, 2019
Paleoenvironments shaped the exchange of terrestrial vertebrates across Wallace’s Line
A Skeels, LM Boschman, IR McFadden, EM Joyce, O Hagen, ...
Science 381 (6653), 86-92, 2023
Spatial, Phylogenetic, Environmental and Biological Components of Variation in Extinction Risk: A Case Study Using Banksia
M Cardillo, A Skeels
PloS one 11 (5), e0154431, 2016
Competition and geography underlie speciation and morphological evolution in Indo-Australasian monitor lizards
CJ Pavón-Vázquez, IG Brennan, A Skeels, JS Keogh
Evolution 76 (3), 476-495, 2022
Lineages through space and time plots: Visualising spatial and temporal changes in diversity
A Skeels
Frontiers of Biogeography 11 (2), 2019
Paleoenvironmental models for Australia and the impact of aridification on blindsnake diversification
S Tiatragul, A Skeels, JS Keogh
Journal of Biogeography 50 (11), 1899-1913, 2023
Temperature-dependent evolutionary speed shapes the evolution of biodiversity patterns across tetrapod radiations
A Skeels, W Bach, O Hagen, W Jetz, L Pellissier
Systematic Biology 72 (2), 341-356, 2023
Ecological interactions shape the evolution of flower color in communities across a temperate biodiversity hotspot
A Skeels, R Dinnage, I Medina, M Cardillo
Evolution Letters 5 (3), 277-289, 2021
Priorities for conserving the world’s terrestrial mammals based on over-the-horizon extinction risk
M Cardillo, A Skeels, R Dinnage
Current Biology 33 (7), 1381-1388. e6, 2023
There is little evidence that spicy food in hot countries is an adaptation to reducing infection risk. Nat. Human Behav. 5, 878–891
L Bromham, A Skeels, H Schneemann, R Dinnage, X Hua
Elevational Goldilocks zone underlies the exceptional diversity of a large lizard radiation (Liolaemus; Liolaemidae)
A Skeels, D Esquerré, D Lipsky, L Pellissier, LM Boschman
Evolution 77 (12), 2672-2686, 2023
Global variation in the relationship between avian phylogenetic diversity and functional distance is driven by environmental context and constraints
KJ Yaxley, A Skeels, RA Foley
Global Ecology and Biogeography 32 (12), 2122-2134, 2023
Functional endemism captures hotspots of unique phenotypes and restricted ranges
A Skeels, K Yaxley
Authorea Preprints, 2023
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