Gema Vizcay-Barrena
Gema Vizcay-Barrena
Centre for Ultrastructural Imaging, King's College London
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Nr4a1-Dependent Ly6C(low) Monocytes Monitor Endothelial Cells and Orchestrate Their Disposal.
FG Leo M Carlin, Efstathios G Stamatiades, Cedric
Cell 153 (2), 362-75, 2013
ER–mitochondria associations are regulated by the VAPB–PTPIP51 interaction and are disrupted by ALS/FTD-associated TDP-43
R Stoica, KJ De Vos, S Paillusson, S Mueller, RM Sancho, KF Lau, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 3996, 2014
Arabidopsis MYB26/MALE STERILE35 Regulates Secondary Thickening in the Endothecium and Is Essential for Anther Dehiscence
C Yang, Z Xu, J Song, K Conner, G Vizcay Barrena, ZA Wilson
The Plant Cell 19 (2), 534-548, 2007
MALE STERILITY1 is required for tapetal development and pollen wall biosynthesis
C Yang, G Vizcay-Barrena, K Conner, ZA Wilson
The Plant Cell 19 (11), 3530-3548, 2007
PERSISTENT TAPETAL CELL1 Encodes a PHD-Finger Protein That Is Required for Tapetal Cell Death and Pollen Development in Rice
H Li, Z Yuan, G Vizcay-Barrena, C Yang, W Liang, J Zong, ZA Wilson, ...
Plant physiology 156 (2), 615-630, 2011
XBP1 mRNA splicing Triggers An Autophagic Response In Endothelial Cells through Beclin-1 Transcriptional Activation
LZ Andriani Margariti, Hongling Li, Ting Chen, Daniel
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2012
Altered tapetal PCD and pollen wall development in the Arabidopsis ms1 mutant
G Vizcay-Barrena, ZA Wilson
Journal of experimental botany 57 (11), 2709-2717, 2006
ALS/FTD‐associated FUS activates GSK‐3β to disrupt the VAPB–PTPIP 51 interaction and ER–mitochondria associations
R Stoica, S Paillusson, P Gomez‐Suaga, JC Mitchell, DHW Lau, EH Gray, ...
EMBO reports 17 (9), 1326-1342, 2016
Small extracellular vesicles are key regulators of non-cell autonomous intercellular communication in senescence via the interferon protein IFITM3
M Borghesan, J Fafián-Labora, O Eleftheriadou, P Carpintero-Fernández, ...
Cell Reports 27 (13), 3956-3971. e6, 2019
ABORTED MICROSPORES Acts as a Master Regulator of Pollen Wall Formation in Arabidopsis
J Xu, Z Ding, G Vizcay-Barrena, J Shi, W Liang, Z Yuan, ...
The Plant Cell 26 (4), 1544-1556, 2014
3D microfluidic liver cultures as a physiological preclinical tool for hepatitis B virus infection
AM Ortega-Prieto, JK Skelton, SN Wai, E Large, M Lussignol, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 682, 2018
The ASH1 HOMOLOG 2 (ASHH2) histone H3 methyltransferase is required for ovule and anther development in Arabidopsis
PE Grini, T Thorstensen, V Alm, G Vizcay-Barrena, SS Windju, TS Jørstad, ...
PloS one 4 (11), e7817, 2009
A protease cascade regulates release of the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum from host red blood cells
JA Thomas, MSY Tan, C Bisson, A Borg, TR Umrekar, F Hackett, VL Hale, ...
Nature microbiology 3 (4), 447-455, 2018
Parasitophorous vacuole poration precedes its rupture and rapid host erythrocyte cytoskeleton collapse in Plasmodium falciparum egress
VL Hale, JM Watermeyer, F Hackett, G Vizcay-Barrena, C Van Ooij, ...
Proceedings of the national academy of sciences 114 (13), 3439-3444, 2017
Mitochondria form contact sites with the nucleus to couple prosurvival retrograde response
R Desai, DA East, L Hardy, D Faccenda, M Rigon, J Crosby, MS Alvarez, ...
Science advances 6 (51), eabc9955, 2020
Mitochondrial abnormalities and disruption of the neuromuscular junction precede the clinical phenotype and motor neuron loss in hFUSWT transgenic mice
E So, JC Mitchell, C Memmi, G Chennell, G Vizcay-Barrena, L Allison, ...
Human molecular genetics 27 (3), 463-474, 2018
Systematic investigation of the physicochemical factors that contribute to the toxicity of ZnO nanoparticles
Q Mu, CA David, J Galceran, C Rey-Castro, Ł Krzemiński, R Wallace, ...
Chemical Research in Toxicology 27 (4), 558-567, 2014
Endophilin, Lamellipodin, and Mena cooperate to regulate F‐actin‐dependent EGF‐receptor endocytosis
A Vehlow, D Soong, G Vizcay‐Barrena, C Bodo, AL Law, U Perera, ...
The EMBO journal 32 (20), 2722-2734, 2013
De novo phosphatidylcholine synthesis is required for autophagosome membrane formation and maintenance during autophagy
G Andrejeva, S Gowan, G Lin, ACLF Wong Te Fong, E Shamsaei, ...
Autophagy 16 (6), 1044-1060, 2020
Bach1 differentially regulates distinct Nrf2-dependent genes in human venous and coronary artery endothelial cells adapted to physiological oxygen levels
SJ Chapple, TP Keeley, D Mastronicola, M Arno, G Vizcay-Barrena, ...
Free Radical Biology and Medicine 92, 152-162, 2016
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