Ivan Khaymovich
Ivan Khaymovich
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On-chip Maxwell’s demon as an information-powered refrigerator
JV Koski, A Kutvonen, IM Khaymovich, T Ala-Nissila, JP Pekola
Physical review letters 115 (26), 260602, 2015
A random matrix model with localization and ergodic transitions
VE Kravtsov, IM Khaymovich, E Cuevas, M Amini
New Journal of Physics 17 (12), 122002, 2015
Tunnel-junction thermometry down to millikelvin temperatures
AV Feshchenko, L Casparis, IM Khaymovich, D Maradan, OP Saira, ...
Physical Review Applied 4 (3), 034001, 2015
Tunable quasiparticle trapping in Meissner and vortex states of mesoscopic superconductors
M Taupin, IM Khaymovich, M Meschke, AS Mel’nikov, JP Pekola
Nature Communications 7 (10977), 2016
Correlation-induced localization
PA Nosov, IM Khaymovich, VE Kravtsov
Physical Review B 99 (10), 104203, 2019
Return probability for the Anderson model on the random regular graph
AS Soumya Bera, Giuseppe De Tomasi, Ivan M. Khaymovich
Physical Review B 98 (13), 134205, 2018
Single quantum level electron turnstile
DMT Van Zanten, DM Basko, IM Khaymovich, JP Pekola, H Courtois, ...
Physical review letters 116 (16), 166801, 2016
Thermodynamics in Single-Electron Circuits and Superconducting Qubits
JP Pekola, IM Khaymovich
Annual Review of Condensed Matter Physics 10, 193 (2019), 2018
Eigenstate thermalization, random matrix theory, and behemoths
IM Khaymovich, M Haque, PA McClarty
Physical review letters 122 (7), 070601, 2019
Survival probability in Generalized Rosenzweig-Porter random matrix ensemble
G De Tomasi, M Amini, S Bera, IM Khaymovich, VE Kravtsov
SciPost Physics 6 (1), 014, 2019
Multifractality and its role in anomalous transport in the disordered XXZ spin-chain
DJ Luitz, I Khaymovich, YB Lev
SciPost Physics Core 2 (2), 006, 2020
Vortex core states in superconducting graphene
IM Khaymovich, NB Kopnin, AS Mel’Nikov, IA Shereshevskii
Physical Review B 79 (22), 224506, 2009
Multifractal dimensions for random matrices, chaotic quantum maps, and many-body systems
A Bäcker, M Haque, IM Khaymovich
Physical Review E 100 (3), 032117, 2019
Distribution of current fluctuations in a bistable conductor
S Singh, JT Peltonen, IM Khaymovich, JV Koski, C Flindt, JP Pekola
Physical Review B 94 (24), 241407(R), 2016
Andreev transport in two-dimensional normal-superconducting systems in strong magnetic fields
IM Khaymovich, NM Chtchelkatchev, IA Shereshevskii, AS Mel'nikov
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 91 (1), 17005, 2010
Entanglement of mid-spectrum eigenstates of chaotic many-body systems--deviation from random ensembles
M Haque, PA McClarty, IM Khaymovich
arXiv preprint arXiv:2008.12782, 2020
Excitation of orotron oscillations at the doubled frequency of a surface wave
IMK V. L. Bratman, P. B. Makhalov, A. É. Fedotov
Radiophysics and Quantum Electronics 50 (10-11), 780-785, 2007
Extreme reductions of entropy in an electronic double dot
S Singh, É Roldán, I Neri, IM Khaymovich, DS Golubev, VF Maisi, ...
Physical Review B 99 (11), 115422, 2019
Multifractality without fine-tuning in a Floquet quasiperiodic chain
S Roy, I Khaymovich, A Das, R Moessner
SciPost Phys 4 (5), 025, 2018
Subdiffusion in the Anderson model on the random regular graph
G De Tomasi, S Bera, A Scardicchio, IM Khaymovich
Physical Review B 101 (10), 100201, 2020
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