Yuri O. Barmenkov
Yuri O. Barmenkov
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Effective length of short Fabry-Perot cavity formed by uniform fiber Bragg gratings
YO Barmenkov, D Zalvidea, S Torres-Peiro, JL Cruz, MV Andres
Optics Express 14 (14), 6394-6399, 2006
Reversible photo‐darkening and resonant photobleaching of Ytterbium‐doped silica fiber at in‐core 977‐nm and 543‐nm irradiation
AD Guzman-Chávez, AV Kir'yanov, YO Barmenkov, NN Il'Ichev
Laser Physics Letters 4 (10), 734-739, 2007
Cooperative luminescence and absorption in Ytterbium-doped silica fiber and the fiber nonlinear transmission coefficient at λ=980 nm with a regard to the Ytterbium ion-pairs …
AV Kir'yanov, YO Barmenkov, IL Martinez, AS Kurkov, AM Dianov
Optics Express 14 (9), 3981-3992, 2006
Dynamics of an erbium-doped fiber laser with pump modulation: theory and experiment
AN Pisarchik, AV Kir'yanov, YO Barmenkov, R Jaimes-Reátegui
Journal of the Optical Society of America B 22 (10), 2107-2114, 2005
Experimental demonstration of attractor annihilation in a multistable fiber laser
AN Pisarchik, YO Barmenkov, AV Kir’yanov
Physical Review E 68 (6), 066211, 2003
Time-domain fiber laser hydrogen sensor
YO Barmenkov, A Ortigosa-Blanch, A Diez, JL Cruz, MV Andres
Optics Letters 29 (21), 2461-2463, 2004
Experimental characterization of the bifurcation structure in an erbium-doped fiber laser with pump modulation
AN Pisarchik, YO Barmenkov, AV Kir'yanov
Quantum Electronics, IEEE Journal of 39 (12), 1567-1571, 2003
Resonant and thermal changes of refractive index in a heavily doped erbium fiber pumped at wavelength 980 nm
YO Barmenkov, AV Kir’yanov, MV Andres
Applied Physics Letters 85 (13), 2466-2468, 2004
Blue and infrared up-conversion in Tm3+-doped fluorozirconate fiber pumped at 1.06, 1.117, and 1.18 μm
EB Mejia, AN Starodumov, YO Barmenkov
Applied Physics Letters 74 (11), 1540-1542, 1999
Excited-state absorption as a source of nonlinear thermo-induced lensing and self-Q-switching in an all-fiber Erbium laser
AV Kir'yanov, NN Il'Ichev, YO Barmenkov
Laser Physics Letters 1 (4), 194-198, 2004
Self-Q-switched Ytterbium-doped all-fiber laser
AV Kir'yanov, YO Barmenkov
Laser Physics Letters 3 (10), 498-502, 2006
Experimental characterization of hopping dynamics in a multistable fiber laser
G Huerta-Cuellar, AN Pisarchik, YO Barmenkov
Physical Review E 78 (3), art. no. 035202, 2008
Kinetics of dynamic hologram recording in polymer films with immobilized bacteriorhodopsin
SY Zaitsev, NM Kozhevnikov, YO Barmenkov, MY Lipovskaya
Photochemistry and Photobiology 55 (6), 851-856, 1992
Spectral dependence of the excited-state absorption of erbium in silica fiber within the 1.48–1.59 μm range
AD Guzman-Chavez, YO Barmenkov, AV Kir'yanov
Applied Physics Letters 92 (19), art. no. 191111, 2008
Prebifurcation noise amplification in a fiber laser.
G Huerta-Cuellar, AN Pisarchik, AV Kir'yanov, YO Barmenkov, ...
Physical Review E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics 79 (3 Pt …, 2009
Excited-state absorption in erbium-doped silica fiber with simultaneous excitation at 977 and 1531 nm
YO Barmenkov, AV Kir’yanov, AD Guzmán-Chávez, JL Cruz, MV Andrés
Journal of Applied Physics 106 (8), art. no 083108, 2009
Fiber-Optic Voltage Sensor Based on a Bi12TiO20 Crystal
VN Filippov, AN Starodumov, YO Barmenkov, VV Makarov
Applied Optics 39 (9), 1389-1393, 2000
Excited-state absorption and ion pairs as sources of nonlinear losses in heavily doped Erbium silica fiber and Erbium fiber laser
A Kir'yanov, Y Barmenkov, N Il'ichev
Optics Express 13 (21), 8498-8507, 2005
An experimental analysis of self-Q-switching via stimulated Brillouin scattering in an ytterbium doped fiber laser
AV Kir’yanov, YO Barmenkov, MV Andres
Laser Physics Letters 10 (5), art. no. 055112, 2013
Multi-wavelength visible up-converted luminescence in novel heavily doped Ytterbium-Holmium silica fiber under low-power IR diode pumping
AV Kir'yanov, VP Minkovich, YO Barmenkov, MA Martinez-Gamez, ...
Journal of Luminescence 111 (1-2), 1-8, 2005
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