Raji Shankar
Raji Shankar
Senior Member Technical Staff, Draper
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Electrically tunable metasurface perfect absorbers for ultrathin mid-infrared optical modulators
Y Yao, R Shankar, MA Kats, Y Song, J Kong, M Loncar, F Capasso
Nano letters 14 (11), 6526-6532, 2014
High-responsivity mid-infrared graphene detectors with antenna-enhanced photocarrier generation and collection
Y Yao, R Shankar, P Rauter, Y Song, J Kong, M Loncar, F Capasso
Nano letters 14 (7), 3749-3754, 2014
Wide wavelength tuning of optical antennas on graphene with nanosecond response time
Y Yao, MA Kats, R Shankar, Y Song, J Kong, M Loncar, F Capasso
Nano letters 14 (1), 214-219, 2014
Integrated high-quality factor silicon-on-sapphire ring resonators for the mid-infrared
R Shankar, I Bulu, M Lončar
Applied Physics Letters 102 (5), 051108, 2013
Mid-infrared photonic crystal cavities in silicon
R Shankar, R Leijssen, I Bulu, M Lončar
Optics Express 19 (6), 5579-5586, 2011
Simultaneous all-optical 3R regeneration scheme with improved scalability using TOAD
YK Huang, I Glesk, R Shankar, PR Prucnal
Optics Express 14 (22), 10339-10344, 2006
Sensing nitrous oxide with QCL-coupled silicon-on-sapphire ring resonators
CJ Smith, R Shankar, M Laderer, MB Frish, M Loncar, MG Allen
Optics express 23 (5), 5491-5499, 2015
Study of thermally-induced optical bistability and the role of surface treatments in Si-based mid-infrared photonic crystal cavities
R Shankar, I Bulu, R Leijssen, M Lončar
Optics express 19 (24), 24828-24837, 2011
Silicon photonic devices for mid-infrared applications
R Shankar, M Lončar
Nanophotonics 3 (4-5), 329-341, 2014
Resolution and limitations of X-ray micro-CT with applications to sandstones and limestones
JE Elkhoury, R Shankar, TS Ramakrishnan
Transport in Porous Media 129 (1), 413-425, 2019
Progress toward mid-IR chip-scale integrated-optic TDLAS gas sensors
MB Frish, R Shankar, I Bulu, I Frank, MC Laderer, RT Wainner, MG Allen, ...
Quantum Sensing and Nanophotonic Devices X 8631, 86310E, 2013
Cascaded four-wave mixing in silicon-on-sapphire microresonators at λ= 4.5 μm
S Kalchmair, R Shankar, S Kita, C Mittag, I Bulu, M Lončar
CLEO: Science and Innovations, STu2I. 3, 2015
Mid-infrared photonics in silicon
R Shankar
Electro-optic tuning of mid-infrared photonic crystal cavities using graphene
R Shankar, Y Yao, J Frish, I Frank, Y Song, J Kong, F Capasso, M Lončar
CLEO: Science and Innovations, CTu1F. 5, 2013
Monolithic integrated-optic TDLAS sensors
MB Frish, DR Scherer, RT Wainner, MG Allen, R Shankar, M Loncar
Next-Generation Spectroscopic Technologies V 8374, 83740I, 2012
Synthetic fractured medium and method of fabrication
TS Ramakrishnan, H Zhang, R Shankar, A Perez
US Patent 10,705,069, 2020
Apparatus and methods for measuring the refractive index of a fluid
R Sharma, R Shankar, TS Ramakrishnan
US Patent App. 15/699,177, 2019
Digital Imaging of Rocks and Limitations of Transport Property Simulations Posters
JE Elkhoury, R Shankar, JD Kirkpatrick
2017 AGU Fall Meeting, 2017
Ultra-compact mid-IR modulators based on electrically tunable optical antennas
Y Yao, MA Kats, R Shankar, M Loncar, F Capasso, Y Song, J Kong
2014 IEEE Photonics Society Summer Topical Meeting Series, 51-52, 2014
Mid-infrared graphene detectors with antenna enhanced light absorption and photo-carrier collection
Y Yao, R Shankar, P Rauter, Y Song, J Kong, M Loncar, F Capasso
2014 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO)-Laser Science to …, 2014
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