Alexei E. Koshelev
Alexei E. Koshelev
Materials Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory
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Emission of coherent THz radiation from superconductors
L Ozyuzer, AE Koshelev, C Kurter, N Gopalsami, Q Li, M Tachiki, ...
Science 318 (5854), 1291-1293, 2007
Thermal fluctuations and phase transitions in the vortex state of a layered superconductor
LI Glazman, AE Koshelev
Physical Review B 43 (4), 2835, 1991
Dynamic melting of the vortex lattice
AE Koshelev, VM Vinokur
Physical review letters 73 (26), 3580, 1994
Two-Band Superconductivity in
M Iavarone, G Karapetrov, AE Koshelev, WK Kwok, GW Crabtree, ...
Physical review letters 89 (18), 187002, 2002
Flux pinning and creep in very anistropic high temperature superconductors
VM Vinokur, PH Kes, AE Koshelev
Physica C: Superconductivity 168 (1-2), 29-39, 1990
Crossing lattices, vortex chains, and angular dependence of melting line in layered superconductors
AE Koshelev
Physical review letters 83 (1), 187, 1999
The role of surface effects in magnetization of high-Tc superconductors
VN Kopylov, AE Koshelev, IF Schegolev, TG Togonidze
Physica C: Superconductivity 170 (3-4), 291-297, 1990
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Observation of a Square Abrikosov Lattice in
Y De Wilde, M Iavarone, U Welp, V Metlushko, AE Koshelev, I Aranson, ...
Physical review letters 78 (22), 4273, 1997
Magnetic anisotropy of a single crystal
JC Martinez, SH Brongersma, A Koshelev, B Ivlev, PH Kes, RP Griessen, ...
Physical review letters 69 (15), 2276, 1992
Direct observation of tetrahertz electromagnetic waves emitted from intrinsic Josephson junctions in single crystalline Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+ δ
K Kadowaki, H Yamaguchi, K Kawamata, T Yamamoto, H Minami, ...
Physica C: Superconductivity and its applications 468 (7-10), 634-639, 2008
Paramagnetic moment in field-cooled superconducting plates: Paramagnetic Meissner effect
AE Koshelev, AI Larkin
Physical Review B 52 (18), 13559, 1995
Giant flux creep through surface barriers and the irreversibility line in high-temperature superconductors
L Burlachkov, VB Geshkenbein, AE Koshelev, AI Larkin, VM Vinokur
Physical Review B 50 (22), 16770, 1994
Periodic alternating 0- and -junction structures as realization of -Josephson junctions
A Buzdin, AE Koshelev
Physical Review B 67 (22), 220504, 2003
Mixed State of a Dirty Two-Band Superconductor: Application to
AE Koshelev, AA Golubov
Physical review letters 90 (17), 177002, 2003
Upper critical field in dirty two-band superconductors: Breakdown of the anisotropic Ginzburg-Landau theory
AA Golubov, AE Koshelev
Physical Review B 68 (10), 104503, 2003
Vortices in high-performance high-temperature superconductors
WK Kwok, U Welp, A Glatz, AE Koshelev, KJ Kihlstrom, GW Crabtree
Reports on Progress in Physics 79 (11), 116501, 2016
Radiation due to Josephson oscillations in layered superconductors
LN Bulaevskii, AE Koshelev
Physical review letters 99 (5), 057002, 2007
Plasma Resonance and Remaining Josephson Coupling in the “Decoupled Vortex Liquid Phase” in Layered Superconductors
AE Koshelev
Physical review letters 77 (18), 3901, 1996
Anisotropic Upper Critical Field of LuNC
V Metlushko, U Welp, A Koshelev, I Aranson, GW Crabtree, PC Canfield
Physical review letters 79 (9), 1738, 1997
Resonant electromagnetic emission from intrinsic Josephson-junction stacks with laterally modulated Josephson critical current
AE Koshelev, LN Bulaevskii
Physical Review B 77 (1), 014530, 2008
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