Siyao Shao
Siyao Shao
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Risk assessment of airborne transmission of COVID-19 by asymptomatic individuals under different practical settings
S Shao, D Zhou, R He, J Li, S Zou, K Mallery, S Kumar, S Yang, J Hong
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On the internal flow of a ventilated supercavity
Y Wu, Y Liu, S Shao, J Hong
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Machine learning holography for 3D particle field imaging
S Shao, K Mallery, SS Kumar, J Hong
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An experimental investigation of artificial supercavitation generated by air injection behind disk-shaped cavitators
BK Ahn, SW Jeong, JH Kim, S Shao, J Hong, REA Arndt
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A comparative study of natural and ventilated supercavitation across two closed-wall water tunnel facilities
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Experimental investigation of ventilated supercavitation with gas jet cavitator
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Investigation into the behaviors of ventilated supercavities in unsteady flow
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Bubble coalescence and breakup in turbulent bubbly wake of a ventilated hydrofoil
A Karn, S Shao, REA Arndt, J Hong
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Machine learning shadowgraph for particle size and shape characterization
J Li, S Shao, J Hong
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A hybrid image processing method for measuring 3D bubble distribution using digital inline holography
S Shao, C Li, J Hong
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Droplet evaporation residue indicating SARS-COV-2 survivability on surfaces
Z He, S Shao, J Li, SS Kumar, JB Sokoloff, J Hong
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Numerical study of the behaviors of ventilated supercavities in a periodic gust flow
R Huang, S Shao, REA Arndt, X Luo, Y Wang, J Hong
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Risk assessment and mitigation of airborne disease transmission in orchestral wind instrument performance
A Abraham, R He, S Shao, SS Kumar, C Wang, B Guo, M Trifonov, ...
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Machine learning holography for measuring 3D particle distribution
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Internal flows of ventilated partial cavitation
K Yoon, S Qin, S Shao, J Hong
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Characterization and mitigation of aerosols and spatters from ultrasonic scalers
Q Ou, RG Placucci, J Danielson, G Anderson, P Olin, P Jardine, J Madden, ...
The Journal of the American Dental Association 152 (12), 981-990, 2021
Effect of mounting strut and cavitator shape on the ventilation demand for ventilated supercavitation
S Shao, A Balakrishna, K Yoon, J Li, Y Liu, J Hong
Experimental Thermal And Fluid Science 118, 110173, 2020
Dense particle tracking using a learned predictive model
K Mallery, S Shao, J Hong
Experiments in Fluids 61, 1-14, 2020
Investigation of ventilation demand variation in unsteady supercavitation
K Yoon, J Li, S Shao, A Karn, J Hong
Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science 129, 110472, 2021
Probing into gas leakage characteristics of ventilated supercavity through bubbly wake measurement
S Shao, J Li, K Yoon, J Hong
Ocean Engineering 245, 110457, 2022
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