Kwanghyun Jo
Kwanghyun Jo
Samsung Medical Center
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The first private-hospital based proton therapy center in Korea; status of the Proton Therapy Center at Samsung Medical Center
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Holographic QCD in medium: a bottom up approach
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Hydrodynamics of RN AdS 4 black hole and holographic optics
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Vector susceptibility and QCD phase transition in AdS/QCD models
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Photoemission rate of strongly interacting quark-gluon plasma at finite density
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Normal liver sparing by proton beam therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma: Comparison with helical intensity modulated radiotherapy and volumetric modulated arc therapy
JWP Ja Young Kim, Young Kyung Lim, Tae Hyun Kim, Kwang Hyun Cho, Sang Hyoun ...
Acta Oncologica 2015 (Early Online), 1–6, 2015
Early clinical outcomes of helical tomotherapy/intensity‐modulated proton therapy combination in nasopharynx cancer
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Proton range verification in inhomogeneous tissue: Treatment planning system vs. measurement vs. Monte Carlo simulation
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Holographic mesons in D4/D6 model revisited
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Feasibility of two‐dimensional dose distribution deconvolution using convolution neural networks
W Cheon, SJ Kim, K Kim, M Lee, J Lee, K Jo, S Cho, H Cho, Y Han
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Monte Carlo simulation of secondary neutron dose for scanning proton therapy using FLUKA
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The dropping of in-medium hadron mass in holographic QCD
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Investigations of line scanning proton therapy with dynamic multi-leaf collimator
DH Kim, S Park, K Jo, S Cho, EH Shin, DH Lim, HR Pyo, Y Han, TS Suh
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Two-dimensional in vivo rectal dosimetry during high-dose-rate brachytherapy for cervical cancer: a phantom study
EH Jeang, Y Goh, KH Cho, S Min, SH Choi, H Jeong, K Jo, N Lee, S Song, ...
Acta Oncologica 57 (10), 1359-1366, 2018
A new method and device of aligning patient setup lasers in radiation therapy
UJ Hwang, K Jo, YK Lim, JW Kwak, SH Choi, C Jeong, MY Kim, JH Jeong, ...
Journal of applied clinical medical physics 17 (1), 49-61, 2016
Initial experience of patient-specific QA for wobbling and line-scanning proton therapy at samsung medical center
K Jo, SH Ahn, K Chung, S Cho, EH Shin, S Park, CS Hong, DH Kim, ...
Progress in Medical Physics 30 (1), 14-21, 2019
Normal lung sparing Tomotherapy technique in stage III lung cancer
CS Hong, SG Ju, YC Ahn, GS Yoo, JM Noh, D Oh, K Chung, H Pyo, K Jo
Radiation Oncology 12 (1), 1-10, 2017
A practical experience of dose modeling for proton pencil beam scanning in KNCC
CJ Kwanghyun Jo, Mi Young Kim, Jong Hwi Jeong, EunHee Jeang, Haksoo Kim ...
Journal of the Korean Physical Society 67 (1), 108-115, 2015
Quality assurance of isocentres for passive proton beam nozzles using motion capture cameras
W Cheon, K Jo, SH Ahn, J Cho, Y Han
Physica Medica 70, 139-144, 2020
Apparatus and method for laser alignment in radiation therapy
YK Lim, JW Kwak, YJ Kim, SH Moon, DH Shin, SB Lee, K Jo, UJ Hwang
US Patent App. 14/483,466, 2015
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