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Techno-economic evaluation of thermal treatment, ozonation and sonication for the reduction of wastewater biomass volume before aerobic or anaerobic digestion
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CFD for wastewater treatment: an overview
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Sludge disintegration during heat treatment at low temperature: a better understanding of involved mechanisms with a multiparametric approach
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Good modelling practice in applying computational fluid dynamics for WWTP modelling
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Effects of thermal hydrolysis on activated sludge solubilization, surface properties and heavy metals biosorption
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Seasonal and ageing effect on the behaviour of 86 drugs in a full-scale surface treatment wetland: Removal efficiencies and distribution in plants and sediments
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A protocol for the use of computational fluid dynamics as a supportive tool for wastewater treatment plant modelling
J Laurent, RW Samstag, JM Ducoste, A Griborio, I Nopens, DJ Batstone, ...
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Constructed wetlands treating stormwater from separate sewer networks in a residential Strasbourg urban catchment area: Micropollutant removal and fate
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Urban stormwater treatment by a constructed wetland: Seasonality impacts on hydraulic efficiency, physico-chemical behavior and heavy metal occurrence
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Micropollutants removal and storage efficiencies in urban stormwater constructed wetland
M Walaszek, P Bois, J Laurent, E Lenormand, A Wanko
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Systemic models of full-scale Surface Flow Treatment Wetlands: Determination by application of fluorescent tracers
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Fate of cadmium in activated sludge after changing its physico-chemical properties by thermal treatment
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On constitutive functions for hindered settling velocity in 1-D settler models: Selection of appropriate model structure
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Experimental study of activated sludge batch settling velocity profile
P François, F Locatelli, J Laurent, K Bekkour
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Sorption behavior of copper, lead and zinc by a constructed wetland treating urban stormwater
M Walaszek, M Del Nero, P Bois, L Ribstein, O Courson, A Wanko, ...
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Modelling aerobic biodegradation in vertical flow sand filters: impact of operational considerations on oxygen transfer and bacterial activity
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Is a road stormwater retention pond able to intercept deicing salt?
L Barbier, R Suaire, I Durickovic, J Laurent, MO Simonnot
Water, Air, & Soil Pollution 229, 1-12, 2018
Concentration-driven models revisited: towards a unified framework to model settling tanks in water resource recovery facilities
E Torfs, MC Martí, F Locatelli, S Balemans, R Bürger, S Diehl, J Laurent, ...
Water Science and Technology 75 (3), 539-551, 2017
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