Stephen Darling
Stephen Darling
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The relationship between dispositional mindfulness, attachment security and emotion regulation
K Goodall, A Trejnowska, S Darling
Personality and Individual Differences 52 (5), 622-626, 2012
Characteristics of eyewitness identification that predict the outcome of real lineups
T Valentine, A Pickering, S Darling
Applied Cognitive Psychology 17 (8), 969-993, 2003
Why are average faces attractive? The effect of view and averageness on the attractiveness of female faces
T Valentine, S Darling, M Donnelly
Psychonomic Bulletin & Review 11 (3), 482-487, 2004
Behavioural evidence for separating components within visuo-spatial working memory
S Darling, S Della Sala, RH Logie
Cognitive processing 8 (3), 175-181, 2007
Neuropsychological evidence for separating components of visuo–spatial working memory
S Darling, S Della Sala, RH Logie, A Cantagallo
Journal of neurology 253 (2), 176-180, 2006
Selection of lineup foils in operational contexts
S Darling, T Valentine, A Memon
Applied Cognitive Psychology 22 (2), 159-169, 2008
Representational pseudoneglect: A review
JL Brooks, S Della Sala, S Darling
Neuropsychology review 24 (2), 148-165, 2014
Short article: Dissociation between appearance and location within visuo-spatial working memory
S Darling, SD Sala, RH Logie
Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology 62 (3), 417-425, 2009
Intraindividual reaction time variability affects P300 amplitude rather than latency
A Ramchurn, JW de Fockert, L Mason, S Darling, D Bunce
Frontiers in human neuroscience 8, 557, 2014
Do strict rules and moving images increase the reliability of sequential identification procedures?
T Valentine, S Darling, A Memon
Applied Cognitive Psychology 21 (7), 933-949, 2007
Items on the left are better remembered
S Della Sala, S Darling, RH Logie
The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology 63 (5), 848-855, 2010
Some witnesses are better than others
S Darling, D Martin, JH Hellmann, A Memon
Personality and Individual Differences 47 (4), 369-373, 2009
Processing orientation and emotion recognition.
D Martin, G Slessor, R Allen, LH Phillips, S Darling
Emotion 12 (1), 39, 2012
Visuospatial bootstrapping: evidence for binding of verbal and spatial information in working memory
S Darling, J Havelka
The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology 63 (2), 239-245, 2010
Adaptive memory: Fitness relevant stimuli show a memory advantage in a game of pelmanism
S Wilson, S Darling, J Sykes
Psychonomic bulletin & review 18 (4), 781-786, 2011
Visuospatial bootstrapping: When visuospatial and verbal memory work together
S Darling, RJ Allen, J Havelka
Current Directions in Psychological Science 26 (1), 3-9, 2017
Visuospatial bootstrapping: Long-term memory representations are necessary for implicit binding of verbal and visuospatial working memory
S Darling, RJ Allen, J Havelka, A Campbell, E Rattray
Psychonomic Bulletin & Review 19 (2), 258-263, 2012
Adult developmental trajectories of pseudoneglect in the tactile, visual and auditory modalities and the influence of starting position and stimulus length
JL Brooks, S Darling, C Malvaso, S Della Sala
Brain and cognition 103, 12-22, 2016
Modality specificity and integration in working memory: Insights from visuospatial bootstrapping.
RJ Allen, J Havelka, T Falcon, S Evans, S Darling
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition 41 (3), 820, 2015
Attachment as a partial mediator of the relationship between emotional abuse and schizotypy
K Goodall, R Rush, L Grünwald, S Darling, N Tiliopoulos
Psychiatry research 230 (2), 531-536, 2015
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