Justin Gallivan
Justin Gallivan
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Cation-π interactions in structural biology
JP Gallivan, DA Dougherty
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 96 (17), 9459-9464, 1999
From ab initio quantum mechanics to molecular neurobiology: A cation–π binding site in the nicotinic receptor
W Zhong, JP Gallivan, Y Zhang, L Li, HA Lester, DA Dougherty
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 95 (21), 12088-12093, 1998
A computational study of cation− π interactions vs salt bridges in aqueous media: implications for protein engineering
JP Gallivan, DA Dougherty
Journal of the American Chemical Society 122 (5), 870-874, 2000
Genetic screens and selections for small molecules based on a synthetic riboswitch that activates protein translation
SK Desai, JP Gallivan
Journal of the American Chemical Society 126 (41), 13247-13254, 2004
A neutral, water-soluble olefin metathesis catalyst based on an N-heterocyclic carbene ligand
JP Gallivan, JP Jordan, RH Grubbs
Tetrahedron Letters 46 (15), 2577-2580, 2005
[28] In vivo incorporation of unnatural amino acids into ion channels in Xenopus oocyte expression system
MW Nowak, JP Gallivan, SK Silverman, CG Labarca, DA Dougherty, ...
Methods in enzymology 293, 504-529, 1998
Can Lone Pairs Bind to a π System? The Water⊙⊙⊙ Hexafluorobenzene Interaction
JP Gallivan, DA Dougherty
Organic letters 1 (1), 103-106, 1999
Reprogramming bacteria to seek and destroy an herbicide
J Sinha, SJ Reyes, JP Gallivan
Nature chemical biology 6 (6), 464-470, 2010
A high-throughput screen for synthetic riboswitches reveals mechanistic insights into their function
SA Lynch, SK Desai, HK Sajja, JP Gallivan
Chemistry & biology 14 (2), 173-184, 2007
Synthetic riboswitches that induce gene expression in diverse bacterial species
S Topp, CMK Reynoso, JC Seeliger, IS Goldlust, SK Desai, D Murat, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology 76 (23), 7881-7884, 2010
A flow cytometry-based screen for synthetic riboswitches
SA Lynch, JP Gallivan
Nucleic acids research 37 (1), 184-192, 2009
Guiding bacteria with small molecules and RNA
S Topp, JP Gallivan
Journal of the American Chemical Society 129 (21), 6807-6811, 2007
Site-specific incorporation of biotinylated amino acids to identify surface-exposed residues in integral membrane proteins
JP Gallivan, HA Lester, DA Dougherty
Chemistry & biology 4 (10), 739-749, 1997
Emerging applications of riboswitches in chemical biology
S Topp, JP Gallivan
ACS Chemical Biology 5 (1), 139-148, 2010
Random walks to synthetic riboswitches—a high‐throughput selection based on cell motility
S Topp, JP Gallivan
Chembiochem 9 (2), 210-213, 2008
Incorporation of caged cysteine and caged tyrosine into a transmembrane segment of the nicotinic ACh receptor
KD Philipson, JP Gallivan, GS Brandt, DA Dougherty, HA Lester
American Journal of Physiology-Cell Physiology 281 (1), C195-C206, 2001
A riboswitch-based inducible gene expression system for mycobacteria
JC Seeliger, S Topp, KM Sogi, ML Previti, JP Gallivan, CR Bertozzi
PloS one 7 (1), e29266, 2012
Aggregates of hexakis (n-hexyloxy) triphenylene self-assemble in dodecane solution: intercalation of (-)-menthol 3, 5-dinitrobenzoate induces formation of helical structures
JP Gallivan, GB Schuster
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 60 (8), 2423-2429, 1995
Riboswitches in unexpected places—a synthetic riboswitch in a protein coding region
S Topp, JP Gallivan
Rna 14 (12), 2498-2503, 2008
A genetic toolbox for creating reversible Ca2+-sensitive materials
S Topp, V Prasad, GC Cianci, ER Weeks, JP Gallivan
Journal of the American Chemical Society 128 (43), 13994-13995, 2006
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