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Sára Tóth
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Characterisation of aC: H and oxygen-containing Si: C: H films by Raman spectroscopy and XPS
M Veres, M Koós, S Tóth, M Füle, I Pócsik, A Tóth, M Mohai, I Bertóti
Diamond and Related Materials 14 (3-7), 1051-1056, 2005
Surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) investigation of amorphous carbon
M Veres, M Füle, S Toth, M Koos, I Pocsik
Diamond and related materials 13 (4-8), 1412-1415, 2004
New aspects of Raman scattering in carbon-based amorphous materials
M Veres, S Tóth, M Koós
Diamond and related materials 17 (7-10), 1692-1696, 2008
Grain boundary fine structure of ultrananocrystalline diamond thin films measured by Raman scattering
M Veres, S Tóth, M Koós
Applied Physics Letters 91 (3), 031913, 2007
Photoluminescence of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene modified by fast atom bombardment
S Tóth, M Füle, M Veres, I Pócsik, M Koós, A Tóth, T Ujvári, I Bertóti
Thin Solid Films 497 (1-2), 279-283, 2006
Size of spatial confinement at luminescence centers determined from resonant excitation bands of aC: H photoluminescence
M Füle, J Budai, S Tóth, M Veres, M Koós
Journal of non-crystalline solids 352 (9-20), 1340-1343, 2006
Raman scattering of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene treated by plasma-based ion implantation
M Veres, M Füle, S Tóth, I Pocsik, M Koos, A Toth, M Mohai, I Bertoti
Thin Solid Films 482 (1-2), 211-215, 2005
Multi-band structure of amorphous carbon luminescence
M Koos, M Füle, M Veres, S Tóth, I Pócsik
Diamond and related materials 11 (3-6), 1115-1118, 2002
Influence of amorphous carbon nano-clusters on the capacity of carbon black electrodes
S Toth, M Füle, M Veres, JR Selman, D Arcon, I Pocsik, M Koos
Thin Solid Films 482 (1-2), 207-210, 2005
Toughening of silicon nitride ceramics by addition of multilayer graphene
E Bódis, I Cora, P Németh, O Tapasztó, M Mohai, S Tóth, Z Károly, ...
Ceramics International 45 (4), 4810-4816, 2019
Comparative analysis of SERS substrates of different morphology
I Rigó, M Veres, L Himics, S Tóth, A Czitrovszky, A Nagy, P Fürjes
Procedia Engineering 168, 371-374, 2016
Influence of layer thickness on the photoluminescence and Raman scattering of aC: H prepared from benzene
S Tóth, M Veres, M Füle, M Koos
Diamond and related materials 15 (4-8), 967-971, 2006
Effective implantation of light emitting centers by plasma immersion ion implantation and focused ion beam methods into nanosized diamond
L Himics, S Toth, M Veres, A Toth, M Koos
Applied Surface Science 328, 577-582, 2015
Silicon carbide nanocrystals produced by femtosecond laser pulses
S Tóth, P Nemeth, P Rácz, L Himics, P Dombi, M Koós
Diamond and Related Materials 81, 96-102, 2018
Diamond-like carbon films prepared by reactive pulsed laser deposition in hydrogen and methane ambient
J Budai, S Tóth, Z Tóth, M Koós
Applied surface science 253 (19), 8220-8225, 2007
Thickness dependence of the structure of aC: H thin films prepared by rf-CVD evidenced by Raman spectroscopy
M Veres, S Tóth, M Füle, M Koós
Journal of non-crystalline solids 352 (9-20), 1348-1351, 2006
Raman spectroscopy of CVD carbon thin films excited by near-infrared light
M Koós, M Veres, S Tóth, M Füle
Carbon: the future material for advanced technology applications, 423-445, 2006
Carbon: The Future Material for Advanced Technology Applications
M Koós, M Veres, S Tóth, M Füle, G Messina, S Santangelo
Top. Appl. Phys 100, 447, 2005
Composite character of the photoluminescence in hydrogenated amorphous carbon films
M Koós, M Füle, M Veres, S Tóth, I Pócsik
Journal of non-crystalline solids 299, 852-857, 2002
Creation of deep blue light emitting nitrogen-vacancy center in nanosized diamond
L Himics, S Tóth, M Veres, Z Balogh, M Koós
Applied Physics Letters 104 (9), 093101, 2014
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