Bowen Yi    衣博文
Bowen Yi 衣博文
University of Technology Sydney
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Practical proportional integral sliding mode control for underactuated surface ships in the fields of marine practice
Z Sun, G Zhang, B Yi, W Zhang
Ocean Engineering 142, 217-223, 2017
On dynamic regressor extension and mixing parameter estimators: Two Luenberger observers interpretations
R Ortega, L Praly, S Aranovskiy, B Yi, W Zhang
Automatica 95, 348-351, 2018
Design of three exponentially convergent robust controllers for the trajectory tracking of autonomous underwater vehicles
L Qiao, B Yi, D Wu, W Zhang
Ocean Engineering 134, 157–172, 2017
Orbital stabilization of nonlinear systems via Mexican sombrero energy shaping and pumping-and-damping injection
B Yi, R Ortega, D Wu, W Zhang
Automatica 112, 108661, 2020
Two-time scale path following of underactuated marine surface vessels: Design and stability analysis using singular perturbation methods
B Yi, L Qiao, W Zhang
Ocean Engineering 124, 287–297, 2016
On state observers for nonlinear systems: A new design and a unifying framework
B Yi, R Ortega, W Zhang
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 64, 1193-1200, 2019
Generation of new exciting regressors for consistent on-line estimation of unknown parameters
A Bobtsov, B Yi, R Ortega, A Astolfi
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 67, 4746-4753, 2022
Conditions for convergence of dynamic regressor extension and mixing parameter estimator using LTI filters
B Yi, R Ortega
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 68 (2), 1253-1258, 2023
Identifiability implies robust, globally exponentially convergent on-line parameter estimation: Application to model reference adaptive control
L Wang, R Ortega, A Bobtsov, JG Romero, B Yi
arXiv preprint arXiv:2108.08436, 2021
Orbital stabilization of nonlinear systems via the immersion and invariance technique
R Ortega, B Yi, JG Romero, A Astolfi
International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control 30 (5), 1850-1871, 2020
Data-driven immersion and invariance adaptive attitude control for rigid bodies with double-level state constraints
X Shao, Q Hu, Y Shi, B Yi
IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology 30 (2), 779 - 794, 2021
Adaptive state estimation of state-affine systems with unknown time-varying parameters
A Bobtsov, R Ortega, B Yi, N Nikolaev
International Journal of Control 95 (9), 2460-2472, 2022
Relaxing the conditions for parameter estimation-based observers of nonlinear systems via signal injection
B Yi, R Ortega, W Zhang
Systems & Control Letters 111, 18-26, 2018
Learning stable Koopman embeddings
F Fan, B Yi, D Rye, G Shi, IR Manchester
American Control Conference (ACC), 2022
A globally exponentially stable position observer for interior permanent magnet synchronous motors
R Ortega, B Yi, S Vukosavic, K Nam, J Choi
Automatica 125, 2021
Reduced-order nonlinear observers via contraction analysis and convex optimization
B Yi, R Wang, IR Manchester
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 67 (8), 4045-4060, 2022
Performance improvement of consensus tracking for linear multiagent systems with input saturation: A gain scheduled approach
HJ Chu, B Yi, G Zhang, W Zhang
IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems, 1-13, 2017
Path following of a class of underactuated mechanical systems via immersion and invariance-based orbital stabilization
B Yi, R Ortega, IR Manchester, H Siguerdidjane
International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, 2020
A nonlinear updated gain observer for MIMO systems: Design, analysis and application to marine surface vessels
B Yi, W Zhang
ISA Transactions 64, 129-140, 2016
An adaptive observer for sensorless control of the levitated ball using signal injection
B Yi, R Ortega, H Siguerdidjane, W Zhang
2018 57th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 6882-6887, 2019
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