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Layered graphene/GaS van der Waals heterostructure: controlling the electronic properties and Schottky barrier by vertical strain
KD Pham, NN Hieu, HV Phuc, IA Fedorov, CA Duque, B Amin, ...
Applied Physics Letters 113 (17), 171605, 2018
First principles study of the electronic properties and Schottky barrier in vertically stacked graphene on the Janus MoSeS under electric field
KD Pham, NN Hieu, HV Phuc, BD Hoi, VV Ilysov, B Amin, CV Nguyen
Computational Materials Science 153, 438-444, 2018
Vertical strain and electric field tunable electronic properties of type-II band alignment C2N/InSe van der Waals heterostructure
KD Pham, NN Hieu, LM Bui, HV Phuc, BD Hoi, LTN Tu, LG Bach, ...
Chemical Physics Letters 716, 155-161, 2019
Enhancement of monolayer SnSe light absorption by strain engineering: a DFT calculation
TV Vu, HD Tong, TK Nguyen, CV Nguyen, AA Lavrentyev, OY Khyzhun, ...
Chemical Physics 521, 5-13, 2019
LO-phonon-assisted cyclotron resonance in a special asymmetric hyperbolic-type quantum well
KD Pham, L Dinh, PT Vinh, CA Duque, HV Phuc, CV Nguyen
Superlattices and Microstructures 120, 738-746, 2018
Adsorption of atomic oxygen, electron structure and elastic moduli of TiC (0 0 1) surface during its laser reconstruction: Ab initio study
VV Ilyasov, KD Pham, OM Holodova, IV Ershov
Applied Surface Science 351, 433-444, 2015
First principles study on the electronic properties and Schottky barrier of Graphene/InSe heterostructure
KD Pham, NN Hieu, VV Ilyasov, HV Phuc, BD Hoi, E Feddi, NV Thuan, ...
Superlattices and Microstructures 122, 570-576, 2018
First principles investigations of the influence of O-adsorption on the structural and electronic properties of TiC (111) surfaces with vacancies
VV Ilyasov, KD Pham, GE Yalovega, IV Ershov, AV Ilyasov, CV Nguyen
Surface Science 649, 20-26, 2016
Electronic properties and optical behaviors of bulk and monolayer ZrS2: A theoretical investigation
TV Vu, AA Lavrentyev, DV Thuan, CV Nguyen, OY Khyzhun, ...
Superlattices and Microstructures 125, 205-213, 2019
Ab-initio study of electronic and optical properties of biaxially deformed single-layer GeS
KD Pham, CV Nguyen, HV Phuc, TV Vu, NV Hieu, BD Hoi, LC Nhan, ...
Superlattices and Microstructures 120, 501-507, 2018
Effect of oxygen adsorption on structural and electronic properties of defective surfaces (0 0 1),(1 1 1), and (1 1 0) TiC: Ab initio study
VV Ilyasov, KD Pham, IV Ershov, CV Nguyen, NN Hieu
Computational Materials Science 124, 344-352, 2016
Controlling electronic properties of PtS2/InSe van der Waals heterostructure via external electric field and vertical strain
CV Nguyen, HD Bui, TD Nguyen, KD Pham
Chemical Physics Letters 724, 1-7, 2019
Phonon-assisted cyclotron resonance in special symmetric quantum wells
KD Pham, NN Hieu, LTT Phuong, BD Hoi, CV Nguyen, HV Phuc
Applied Physics A 124 (9), 1-8, 2018
First principles calculations of the geometric structures and electronic properties of van der Waals heterostructure based on graphene, hexagonal boron nitride and molybdenum …
KD Pham, CV Nguyen
Diamond and Related Materials 88, 151-157, 2018
Phonon-assisted cyclotron resonance in Pöschl-Teller quantum well
KD Pham, LV Tung, DV Thuan, CV Nguyen, NN Hieu, HV Phuc
Journal of Applied Physics 126 (12), 124301, 2019
Tri-layered van der Waals heterostructures based on graphene, gallium selenide and molybdenum selenide
KD Pham, LG Bach, B Amin, M Idrees, NN Hieu, HV Phuc, HD Bui, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 125 (22), 225304, 2019
Strain and electric field tunable electronic properties of type-II band alignment in van der Waals GaSe/MoSe2 heterostructure
KD Pham, CV Nguyen, HTT Phung, HV Phuc, B Amin, NN Hieu
Chemical Physics 521, 92-99, 2019
Electronic, Optical and Elastic Properties of Cu2CdGeSe4: A First-Principles Study
TV Vu, AA Lavrentyev, BV Gabrelian, KD Pham, CV Nguyen, KC Tran, ...
Journal of Electronic Materials 48 (1), 705-715, 2019
Electronic properties of GaSe/MoS2 and GaS/MoSe2 heterojunctions from first principles calculations
KD Pham, HV Phuc, NN Hieu, BD Hoi, CV Nguyen
AIP Advances 8 (7), 075207, 2018
The characteristics of defective ZrS2 monolayers adsorbed various gases on S-vacancies: A first-principles study
HTT Nguyen, DQ Hoang, TP Dao, CV Nguyen, HV Phuc, NN Hieu, ...
Superlattices and Microstructures 140, 106454, 2020
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