Giacomo Palmieri
Giacomo Palmieri
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Characterization of hyperelastic rubber-like materials by biaxial and uniaxial stretching tests based on optical methods
M Sasso, G Palmieri, G Chiappini, D Amodio
Polymer Testing 27 (8), 995-1004, 2008
BCF swimming locomotion for autonomous underwater robots: a review and a novel solution to improve control and efficiency
D Scaradozzi, G Palmieri, D Costa, A Pinelli
Ocean Engineering 130, 437-453, 2017
Application of fractional derivative models in linear viscoelastic problems
M Sasso, G Palmieri, D Amodio
Mechanics of Time-Dependent Materials 15, 367-387, 2011
A new class of reconfigurable parallel kinematic machines
L Carbonari, M Callegari, G Palmieri, MC Palpacelli
Mechanism and Machine Theory 79, 173-183, 2014
Analysis and design of a reconfigurable 3-DoF parallel manipulator for multimodal tasks
MC Palpacelli, L Carbonari, G Palmieri, M Callegari
IEEE/Asme Transactions on Mechatronics 20 (4), 1975-1985, 2014
A comparison between position-based and image-based dynamic visual servoings in the control of a translating parallel manipulator
G Palmieri, M Palpacelli, M Battistelli, M Callegari
Journal of Robotics 2012, 2012
Design of a bio-inspired autonomous underwater robot
D Costa, G Palmieri, MC Palpacelli, L Panebianco, D Scaradozzi
Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems 91, 181-192, 2018
Motion planning and control of redundant manipulators for dynamical obstacle avoidance
G Palmieri, C Scoccia
Machines 9 (6), 121, 2021
A redundantly actuated 2-degrees-of-freedom mini pointing device
MC Palpacelli, G Palmieri, M Callegari
Mullins effect characterization of elastomers by multi-axial cyclic tests and optical experimental methods
G Palmieri, M Sasso, G Chiappini, D Amodio
Mechanics of materials 41 (9), 1059-1067, 2009
Virtual fields method on planar tension tests for hyperelastic materials characterisation
G Palmieri, M Sasso, G Chiappini, D Amodio
Strain 47, 196-209, 2011
Details on the design of a lockable spherical joint for robotic applications
MC Palpacelli, L Carbonari, G Palmieri
Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems 81, 169-179, 2016
Study of a fully compliant u-joint designed for minirobotics applications
G Palmieri, MC Palpacelli, M Callegari
Vision-based kinematic calibration of a small-scale spherical parallel kinematic machine
G Palmieri, MC Palpacelli, L Carbonari, M Callegari
Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing 49, 162-169, 2018
Configuration-dependent modal analysis of a Cartesian parallel kinematics manipulator: numerical modeling and experimental validation
G Palmieri, M Martarelli, MC Palpacelli, L Carbonari
Meccanica 49, 961-972, 2014
A collision avoidance strategy for redundant manipulators in dynamically variable environments: on-line perturbations of off-line generated trajectories
C Scoccia, G Palmieri, MC Palpacelli, M Callegari
Machines 9 (2), 30, 2021
Feasibility study and design of an automatic system for electronic components disassembly
M Marconi, G Palmieri, M Callegari, M Germani
Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering 141 (2), 021011, 2019
Adaptive obstacle avoidance for a class of collaborative robots
G Chiriatti, G Palmieri, C Scoccia, MC Palpacelli, M Callegari
Machines 9 (6), 113, 2021
Analysis of kinematics and reconfigurability of a spherical parallel manipulator
L Carbonari, M Callegari, G Palmieri, MC Palpacelli
IEEE Transactions on Robotics 30 (6), 1541-1547, 2014
A system to improve the physical ergonomics in Human-Robot Collaboration
M Ciccarelli, A Papetti, C Scoccia, G Menchi, L Mostarda, G Palmieri, ...
Procedia Computer Science 200, 689-698, 2022
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