Jennifer F. Linden
Jennifer F. Linden
Professor of Neuroscience, University College London
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Spectrotemporal structure of receptive fields in areas AI and AAF of mouse auditory cortex
JF Linden, RC Liu, M Sahani, CE Schreiner, MM Merzenich
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Stimulus-specific adaptation occurs in the auditory thalamus
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Responses to auditory stimuli in macaque lateral intraparietal area I. Effects of training
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Improved cortical entrainment to infant communication calls in mothers compared with virgin mice
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Physiological differences between histologically defined subdivisions in the mouse auditory thalamus
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A head-mounted camera system integrates detailed behavioral monitoring with multichannel electrophysiology in freely moving mice
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Mouse auditory cortex differs from visual and somatosensory cortices in the laminar distribution of cytochrome oxidase and acetylcholinesterase
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When sound stops: offset responses in the auditory system
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Models of neuronal stimulus-response functions: elaboration, estimation, and evaluation
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Mind the gap: two dissociable mechanisms of temporal processing in the auditory system
LA Anderson, JF Linden
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How linear are auditory cortical responses?
M Sahani, JF Linden
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Depth-dependent temporal response properties in core auditory cortex
GB Christianson, M Sahani, JF Linden
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Defects in middle ear cavitation cause conductive hearing loss in the Tcof1 mutant mouse
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Non-monotonic relation between noise exposure severity and neuronal hyperactivity in the auditory midbrain
LL Hesse, W Bakay, HC Ong, L Anderson, J Ashmore, D McAlpine, ...
Frontiers in neurology 7, 133, 2016
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