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Anyuan Cao
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Carbon nanotube sponges
X Gui, J Wei, K Wang, A Cao, H Zhu, Y Jia, Q Shu, D Wu
Advanced materials 22 (5), 617-621, 2010
Graphene‐on‐silicon Schottky junction solar cells
X Li, H Zhu, K Wang, A Cao, J Wei, C Li, Y Jia, Z Li, X Li, D Wu
Advanced materials 22 (25), 2743-2748, 2010
Multifunctional composites using reinforced laminae with carbon-nanotube forests
VP Veedu, A Cao, X Li, K Ma, C Soldano, S Kar, PM Ajayan, ...
Nature materials 5 (6), 457-462, 2006
Super-compressible foamlike carbon nanotube films
A Cao, PL Dickrell, WG Sawyer, MN Ghasemi-Nejhad, PM Ajayan
Science 310 (5752), 1307-1310, 2005
Highly compression‐tolerant supercapacitor based on polypyrrole‐mediated graphene foam electrodes
Y Zhao, J Liu, Y Hu, H Cheng, C Hu, C Jiang, L Jiang, A Cao, L Qu
Advanced materials 25 (4), 591-595, 2013
Stretchable and highly sensitive graphene-on-polymer strain sensors
X Li, R Zhang, W Yu, K Wang, J Wei, D Wu, A Cao, Z Li, Y Cheng, ...
Scientific reports 2 (1), 1-6, 2012
Large-area blown bubble films of aligned nanowires and carbon nanotubes
G Yu, A Cao, CM Lieber
Nature nanotechnology 2 (6), 372-377, 2007
High‐performance epoxy nanocomposites reinforced with three‐dimensional carbon nanotube sponge for electromagnetic interference shielding
Y Chen, HB Zhang, Y Yang, M Wang, A Cao, ZZ Yu
Advanced Functional Materials 26 (3), 447-455, 2016
Adsorption of fluoride from water by amorphous alumina supported on carbon nanotubes
YH Li, S Wang, A Cao, D Zhao, X Zhang, C Xu, Z Luan, D Ruan, J Liang, ...
Chemical Physics Letters 350 (5-6), 412-416, 2001
Novel loci for adiponectin levels and their influence on type 2 diabetes and metabolic traits: a multi-ethnic meta-analysis of 45,891 individuals
Z Dastani, MF Hivert, N Timpson, JRB Perry, X Yuan, RA Scott, ...
PLoS genetics 8 (3), e1002607, 2012
Laminated carbon nanotube networks for metal electrode-free efficient perovskite solar cells
Z Li, SA Kulkarni, PP Boix, E Shi, A Cao, K Fu, SK Batabyal, J Zhang, ...
ACS nano 8 (7), 6797-6804, 2014
Double-walled carbon nanotube solar cells
J Wei, Y Jia, Q Shu, Z Gu, K Wang, D Zhuang, G Zhang, Z Wang, J Luo, ...
Nano letters 7 (8), 2317-2321, 2007
X-ray diffraction characterization on the alignment degree of carbon nanotubes
A Cao, C Xu, J Liang, D Wu, B Wei
Chemical physics letters 344 (1-2), 13-17, 2001
Open‐ended, N‐doped carbon nanotube–graphene hybrid nanostructures as high‐performance catalyst support
R Lv, T Cui, MS Jun, Q Zhang, A Cao, DS Su, Z Zhang, SH Yoon, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 21 (5), 999-1006, 2011
Controlled fabrication of hierarchically branched nanopores, nanotubes, and nanowires
G Meng, YJ Jung, A Cao, R Vajtai, PM Ajayan
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 102 (20), 7074-7078, 2005
Colloidal antireflection coating improves graphene–silicon solar cells
E Shi, H Li, L Yang, L Zhang, Z Li, P Li, Y Shang, S Wu, X Li, J Wei, ...
Nano letters 13 (4), 1776-1781, 2013
Electro-and photodriven phase change composites based on wax-infiltrated carbon nanotube sponges
L Chen, R Zou, W Xia, Z Liu, Y Shang, J Zhu, Y Wang, J Lin, D Xia, A Cao
ACS nano 6 (12), 10884-10892, 2012
Magnetic and highly recyclable macroporous carbon nanotubes for spilled oil sorption and separation
X Gui, Z Zeng, Z Lin, Q Gan, R Xiang, Y Zhu, A Cao, Z Tang
ACS applied materials & interfaces 5 (12), 5845-5850, 2013
Graphene reinforced carbon nanotube networks for wearable strain sensors
J Shi, X Li, H Cheng, Z Liu, L Zhao, T Yang, Z Dai, Z Cheng, E Shi, L Yang, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 26 (13), 2078-2084, 2016
Core-Double-Shell, Carbon Nanotube@Polypyrrole@MnO2 Sponge as Freestanding, Compressible Supercapacitor Electrode
P Li, Y Yang, E Shi, Q Shen, Y Shang, S Wu, J Wei, K Wang, H Zhu, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 6 (7), 5228-5234, 2014
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