Aleksei P. Kiselev
Aleksei P. Kiselev
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Localized light waves: Paraxial and exact solutions of the wave equation (a review)
AP Kiselev
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AP Kiselev, MV Perel
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AP Kiselev
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VM Babich, AP Kiselev
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AP Kiselev
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AP Kiselev
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AP Kiselev
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AP Kiselev
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AL Shuvalov, O Poncelet, AP Kiselev
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LJ Fradkin, AP Kiselev, E Krylova
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VV Borisov, AP Kiselev
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LJ Fradkin, AP Kiselev
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AP Kiselev, MV Perel'
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AP Kiselev, GA Rogerson
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DF Parker, AP Kiselev
Quarterly journal of mechanics and applied mathematics 62 (1), 19-30, 2008
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