Jim Freericks
Jim Freericks
Professor and McDevitt Chair, Georgetown University
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Engineered two-dimensional Ising interactions in a trapped-ion quantum simulator with hundreds of spins
JW Britton, BC Sawyer, AC Keith, CCJ Wang, JK Freericks, H Uys, ...
Nature 484 (7395), 489-492, 2012
Quantum simulation of frustrated Ising spins with trapped ions
K Kim, MS Chang, S Korenblit, R Islam, EE Edwards, JK Freericks, GD Lin, ...
Nature 465 (7298), 590-593, 2010
Anomalous normal-state properties of high-T c superconductors: intrinsic properties of strongly correlated electron systems?
T Pruschke, M Jarrell, JK Freericks
Advances in Physics 44 (2), 187-210, 1995
Strong-coupling expansions for the pure and disordered Bose-Hubbard model
JK Freericks, H Monien
Physical Review B 53 (5), 2691, 1996
Emergence and frustration of magnetism with variable-range interactions in a quantum simulator
R Islam, C Senko, WC Campbell, S Korenblit, J Smith, A Lee, EE Edwards, ...
science 340 (6132), 583-587, 2013
Exact dynamical mean-field theory of the Falicov-Kimball model
JK Freericks, V Zlatić
Reviews of Modern Physics 75 (4), 1333, 2003
Onset of a quantum phase transition with a trapped ion quantum simulator
R Islam, EE Edwards, K Kim, S Korenblit, C Noh, H Carmichael, GD Lin, ...
Nature communications 2 (1), 1-6, 2011
Nonequilibrium dynamical mean-field theory
JK Freericks, VM Turkowski, V Zlatić
Physical review letters 97 (26), 266408, 2006
Phase diagram of the Bose-Hubbard model
JK Freericks, H Monien
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 26 (7), 545, 1994
Theoretical description of time-resolved photoemission spectroscopy: application to pump-probe experiments
JK Freericks, HR Krishnamurthy, T Pruschke
Physical review letters 102 (13), 136401, 2009
Theory of Floquet band formation and local pseudospin textures in pump-probe photoemission of graphene
MA Sentef, M Claassen, AF Kemper, B Moritz, T Oka, JK Freericks, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 1-8, 2015
Holstein model in infinite dimensions
JK Freericks, M Jarrell, DJ Scalapino
Physical Review B 48 (9), 6302, 1993
Protracted screening in the periodic Anderson model
AN Tahvildar-Zadeh, M Jarrell, JK Freericks
Physical Review B 55 (6), R3332, 1997
Examining electron-boson coupling using time-resolved spectroscopy
M Sentef, AF Kemper, B Moritz, JK Freericks, ZX Shen, TP Devereaux
Physical Review X 3 (4), 041033, 2013
Quantum simulation of the transverse Ising model with trapped ions
K Kim, S Korenblit, R Islam, EE Edwards, MS Chang, C Noh, ...
New Journal of Physics 13 (10), 105003, 2011
Quantum simulation and phase diagram of the transverse-field Ising model with three atomic spins
EE Edwards, S Korenblit, K Kim, R Islam, MS Chang, JK Freericks, GD Lin, ...
Physical Review B 82 (6), 060412, 2010
Low-temperature coherence in the periodic Anderson model: predictions for photoemission of heavy fermions
AN Tahvildar-Zadeh, M Jarrell, JK Freericks
Physical review letters 80 (23), 5168, 1998
Quenching Bloch oscillations in a strongly correlated material: Nonequilibrium dynamical mean-field theory
JK Freericks
Physical Review B 77 (7), 075109, 2008
Transport in multilayered nanostructures: the dynamical mean-field theory approach
JK Freericks
World Scientific, 2016
Two-state one-dimensional spinless Fermi gas
JK Freericks, LM Falicov
Physical review B 41 (4), 2163, 1990
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