Guoming (George) Zhu
Guoming (George) Zhu
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Exhaust gas control using a spark plug ionization signal
CF Daniels, GG Zhu
US Patent 6,980,903, 2005
Optimal redesign of linear systems
KM Grigoriadis, G Zhu, RE Skelton
Equivalent fuel consumption optimal control of a series hybrid electric vehicle
JP Gao, GMG Zhu, EG Strangas, FC Sun
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part D: Journal of …, 2009
Model-based closed-loop control of urea SCR exhaust aftertreatment system for diesel engine
Q Song, G Zhu
SAE Transactions, 102-110, 2002
A convergent algorithm for the output covariance constraint control problem
G Zhu, MA Rotea, R Skelton
SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization 35 (1), 341-361, 1997
MBT timing detection and its closed-loop control using in-cylinder pressure signal
GG Zhu, CF Daniels, J Winkelman
SAE Technical Paper, 2003
Closed-loop ignition timing control for SI engines using ionization current feedback
GG Zhu, I Haskara, J Winkelman
IEEE transactions on control systems technology 15 (3), 416-427, 2007
Mixed L2 and L problems by weight selection in quadratic optimal control
G Zhu, R Skelton
International Journal of Control 53 (5), 1161-1176, 1991
Linear parameter-varying control for engineering applications
AP White, G Zhu, J Choi
Springer, 2013
Closed loop cold start retard spark control using ionization feedback
GG Zhu, CF Daniels
US Patent 7,104,043, 2006
Covariance control design for hubble space telescope
G Zhu, KM Grigoriadis, RE Skelton
Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics 18 (2), 230-236, 1995
Visualization of propane and natural gas spark ignition and turbulent jet ignition combustion
E Toulson, A Huisjen, X Chen, C Squibb, G Zhu, H Schock, WP Attard
SAE International Journal of Engines 5 (4), 1821-1835, 2012
Modeling and inverse compensation of temperature-dependent ionic polymer–metal composite sensor dynamics
T Ganley, DLS Hung, G Zhu, X Tan
IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics 16 (1), 80-89, 2010
Spark ignition and pre-chamber turbulent jet ignition combustion visualization
WP Attard, E Toulson, A Huisjen, X Chen, G Zhu, H Schock
SAE Technical Paper, 2012
Recursive vehicle mass estimation
GG Zhu, DO Taylor, TL Bailey
US Patent 6,167,357, 2000
Upper and lower covariance bounds for perturbed linear systems
JH Xu, RE Skelton, G Zhu
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 35 (8), 944-948, 1990
A comparative study of supervisory control strategies for a series hybrid electric vehicle
J Gao, F Sun, H He, GG Zhu, EG Strangas
2009 Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference, 1-7, 2009
Optimal wide open throttle air/fuel ratio control
GG Zhu, CF Daniels
US Patent 7,137,382, 2006
Inaudible knock and partial-burn detection using in-cylinder ionization signal
CF Daniels, GG Zhu, J Winkelman
SAE Technical Paper, 2003
Closed-loop individual cylinder A/F ratio balancing
GG Zhu, CF Daniels
US Patent 7,021,287, 2006
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