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Sergio Ribeiro Teixeira
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Transition-metal nanoparticles in imidazolium ionic liquids: recycable catalysts for biphasic hydrogenation reactions
J Dupont, GS Fonseca, AP Umpierre, PFP Fichtner, SR Teixeira
Journal of the American Chemical Society 124 (16), 4228-4229, 2002
The use of imidazolium ionic liquids for the formation and stabilization of Ir0 and Rh0 nanoparticles: efficient catalysts for the hydrogenation of arenes
GS Fonseca, AP Umpierre, PFP Fichtner, SR Teixeira, J Dupont
Chemistry–A European Journal 9 (14), 3263-3269, 2003
The partial hydrogenation of benzene to cyclohexene by nanoscale ruthenium catalysts in imidazolium ionic liquids
ET Silveira, AP Umpierre, LM Rossi, G Machado, J Morais, GV Soares, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 10 (15), 3734-3740, 2004
Synthesis and characterization of Pt (0) nanoparticles in imidazolium ionic liquids
CW Scheeren, G Machado, SR Teixeira, J Morais, JB Domingos, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 110 (26), 13011-13020, 2006
Synthesis and characterization of catalytic iridium nanoparticles in imidazolium ionic liquids
GS Fonseca, G Machado, SR Teixeira, GH Fecher, J Morais, MCM Alves, ...
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The effect of organic modifier of the clay on morphology and crystallization properties of PET nanocomposites
CIW Calcagno, CM Mariani, SR Teixeira, RS Mauler
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Disclosure of the imidazolium cation coordination and stabilization mode in ionic liquid stabilized gold (0) nanoparticles
HS Schrekker, MA Gelesky, MP Stracke, CML Schrekker, G Machado, ...
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Ionic liquid surface composition controls the size of gold nanoparticles prepared by sputtering deposition
H Wender, LF de Oliveira, P Migowski, AF Feil, E Lissner, MHG Prechtl, ...
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Nanoscale Ru (0) particles: Arene hydrogenation catalysts in imidazolium ionic liquids
MHG Prechtl, M Scariot, JD Scholten, G Machado, SR Teixeira, J Dupont
Inorganic chemistry 47 (19), 8995-9001, 2008
Cobalt nanocubes in ionic liquids: synthesis and properties
M Scariot, DO Silva, JD Scholten, G Machado, SR Teixeira, MA Novak, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 47 (47), 9075-9078, 2008
Sputtering deposition of nanoparticles onto liquid substrates: Recent advances and future trends
H Wender, P Migowski, AF Feil, SR Teixeira, J Dupont
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 257 (17-18), 2468-2483, 2013
Self-Organized TiO2 Nanotube Arrays: Synthesis by Anodization in an Ionic Liquid and Assessment of Photocatalytic Properties
H Wender, AF Feil, LB Diaz, CS Ribeiro, GJ Machado, P Migowski, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 3 (4), 1359-1365, 2011
The role of the MMT on the morphology and mechanical properties of the PP/PET blends
CIW Calcagno, CM Mariani, SR Teixeira, RS Mauler
Composites Science and Technology 68 (10-11), 2193-2200, 2008
Catalytic Gas‐to‐Liquid Processing Using Cobalt Nanoparticles Dispersed in Imidazolium Ionic Liquids
DO Silva, JD Scholten, MA Gelesky, SR Teixeira, ACB Dos Santos, ...
ChemSusChem: Chemistry & Sustainability Energy & Materials 1 (4), 291-294, 2008
Synthesis of gold nanoparticles by laser ablation of an Au foil inside and outside ionic liquids
H Wender, ML Andreazza, RRB Correia, SR Teixeira, J Dupont
Nanoscale 3 (3), 1240-1245, 2011
On the use of ruthenium dioxide in 1-n-butyl-3-methylimidazolium ionic liquids as catalyst precursor for hydrogenation reactions
LM Rossi, G Machado, PFP Fichtner, SR Teixeira, J Dupont
Catalysis Letters 92 (3-4), 149-155, 2004
Ta2O5 Nanotubes Obtained by Anodization: Effect of Thermal Treatment on the Photocatalytic Activity for Hydrogen Production
RV Gonçalves, P Migowski, H Wender, D Eberhardt, DE Weibel, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (26), 14022-14030, 2012
Crystalline properties and morphological changes in plastically deformed isotatic polypropylene evaluated by X-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopy
G Machado, ELG Denardin, EJ Kinast, MC Gonçalves, MA De Luca, ...
European Polymer Journal 41 (1), 129-138, 2005
Nanostructures in ionic liquids: correlation of iridium nanoparticles’ size and shape with imidazolium salts’ structural organization and catalytic properties
P Migowski, D Zanchet, G Machado, MA Gelesky, SR Teixeira, J Dupont
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 12 (25), 6826-6833, 2010
Adjustable hydrophobicity of Al substrates by chemical surface functionalization of nano/microstructures
DE Weibel, AF Michels, AF Feil, L Amaral, SR Teixeira, F Horowitz
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 114 (31), 13219-13225, 2010
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