Nathalie Vialaneix
Nathalie Vialaneix
Senior researcher, INRAE Toulouse
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Support vector machine for functional data classification
F Rossi, N Villa
Neurocomputing 69 (7-9), 730-742, 2006
Random forests for big data
R Genuer, JM Poggi, C Tuleau-Malot, N Villa-Vialaneix
Big Data Research 9, 28-46, 2017
Batch kernel SOM and related Laplacian methods for social network analysis
R Boulet, B Jouve, F Rossi, N Villa
Neurocomputing 71 (7-9), 1257-1273, 2008
A comparison of eight metamodeling techniques for the simulation of N2O fluxes and N leaching from corn crops
N Villa-Vialaneix, M Follador, M Ratto, A Leip
Environmental Modelling & Software 34, 51-66, 2012
Determinants of Human Adipose Tissue Gene Expression: Impact of Diet, Sex, Metabolic Status, and Cis Genetic Regulation
N Viguerie, E Montastier, JJ Maoret, B Roussel, M Combes, C Valle, ...
Public Library of Science 8 (9), e1002959, 2012
Unsupervised multiple kernel learning for heterogeneous data integration
J Mariette, N Villa-Vialaneix
Bioinformatics 34 (6), 1009-1015, 2018
On-line relational and multiple relational SOM
M Olteanu, N Villa-Vialaneix
Neurocomputing 147, 15-30, 2015
Optimizing an organized modularity measure for topographic graph clustering: a deterministic annealing approach
F Rossi, N Villa-Vialaneix
Neurocomputing 73 (7-9), 1142-1163, 2010
The structure of a gene co-expression network reveals biological functions underlying eQTLs
N Villa-Vialaneix, L Liaubet, T Laurent, P Cherel, A Gamot, ...
PloS one 8 (4), e60045, 2013
Multi-species annotation of transcriptome and chromatin structure in domesticated animals
S Foissac, S Djebali, K Munyard, N Vialaneix, A Rau, K Muret, D Esquerré, ...
BMC biology 17 (1), 1-25, 2019
Storms prediction: logistic regression vs random forest for unbalanced data
A Ruiz, N Villa
Studies in Business, Industry And Government Statistics 12 (9), 91-101, 2008
Phenotypic prediction based on metabolomic data for growing pigs from three main European breeds
F Rohart, A Paris, B Laurent, C Canlet, J Molina, MJ Mercat, T Tribout, ...
Journal of animal science 90 (13), 4729-4740, 2012
A comparison between dissimilarity SOM and kernel SOM for clustering the vertices of a graph
N Villa, F Rossi
International Workshop on Self-Organizing Maps: Proceedings (2007), 2007
Multilayer perceptron with functional inputs: an inverse regression approach
L Ferré, N Villa
Scandinavian Journal of Statistics 33 (4), 807-823, 2006
Theoretical and applied aspects of the self-organizing maps
M Cottrell, M Olteanu, F Rossi, N Villa-Vialaneix
Advances in self-organizing maps and learning vector quantization, 3-26, 2016
System model network for adipose tissue signatures related to weight changes in response to calorie restriction and subsequent weight maintenance
E Montastier, N Villa-Vialaneix, S Caspar-Bauguil, P Hlavaty, E Tvrzicka, ...
PLoS computational biology 11 (1), e1004047, 2015
Représentation d’un grand réseau à partir d’une classification hiérarchique de ses sommets
F Rossi, N Villa-Vialaneix
Journal de la société française de statistique 152 (3), 34-65, 2011
Recent advances in the use of SVM for functional data classification
F Rossi, N Villa
Functional and operatorial statistics, 273-280, 2008
Multiple kernel self-organizing maps
M Olteanu, N Villa-Vialaneix, C Cierco-Ayrolles
21. European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks, Computational …, 2013
Self-organizing maps, theory and applications
M Cottrell, M Olteanu, F Rossi, N Villa-Vialaneix
Revista de Investigacion Operacional 39 (1), 1-22, 2018
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