Sven-Olof Collin
Sven-Olof Collin
Free University of Scania
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What explains the extent and content of social and environmental disclosures on corporate websites: a study of social and environmental reporting in Swedish listed corporations
T Tagesson, V Blank, P Broberg, SO Collin
Corporate social responsibility and environmental management 16 (6), 352-364, 2009
An embeddedness framing of governance and opportunism: towards a cross-nationally accommodating theory of agency
M Lubatkin, PJ Lane, S Collin, P Very
Journal of Organizational Behavior 28 (1), 43-58, 2007
Explaining the choice of accounting standards in municipal corporations: Positive accounting theory and institutional theory as competitive or concurrent theories
SOY Collin, T Tagesson, A Andersson, J Cato, K Hansson
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Origins of corporate governance in the USA, Sweden and France
MH Lubatkin, PJ Lane, SO Collin, P Very
Organization studies 26 (6), 867-888, 2005
What explains variation in voluntary disclosure? A study of the annual reports of corporations listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange
P Broberg, T Tagesson, SO Collin
Journal of Management & Governance 14 (4), 351-377, 2010
Why are these islands of conscious power found in the ocean of ownership? Institutional and governance hypotheses explaining the existence of business groups in Sweden
SO Collin
Journal of Management Studies 35 (6), 719-746, 1998
The'externalisation'of local public service delivery: experience in Italy and Sweden
D Argento, G Grossi, T Tagesson, SO Collin
International journal of public policy 5 (1), 41-56, 2010
In the twilight zone: a survey of public-private partnerships in Sweden
SO Collin
Public Productivity & Management Review, 272-283, 1998
Blood in the boardroom: Family relationships influencing the functions of the board
JA Sven-Olof Yrjö Collin
Journal of Family Business Strategy 3 (4), 207-219, 2012
Market Segmentation in Scientific Publications: Research Patterns in American vs European Management Journals1
SO Collin, U Johansson, K Svensson, PO Ulvenblad
British Journal of Management 7 (2), 141-154, 1996
Gendered career rein: A gender analysis of the certification process of auditors in Sweden
SOY Collin, K Jonnergård, P Qvick, B Silfverberg, S Zabit
International Journal of Auditing 11 (1), 17-39, 2007
The brotherhood of the Swedish sphere: A third institutional form for economic exchange
SO Collin
International studies of management & organization 23 (1), 69-86, 1993
Ethnic and gender diversity, process and performance in groups of business students in Sweden
T Umans, SO Collin, T Tagesson
Intercultural education 19 (3), 243-254, 2008
The boards functional emphasis: A contingency approach
SOY Collin
Corporate Ownership & Control 6 (2), 73-88, 2008
The propensity, persistence and performance of public-private partnerships in Sweden
SO Collin, L Hansson
Public-Private Partnerships, 219-236, 2000
Why reduce profit? Accounting choice of impairments in Swedish listed corporations
P Broberg, SOY Collin, T Tagesson, M Axelsson, C Schéle
International Journal of Accounting and Finance 3 (1), 49-71, 2011
Aktiebolagets kontroll--ett transaktionskostnadsteoretiskt inlagg i debatten om agande och kontroll av aktiebolag och storforetag.
S Collin
Governance strategy: a property right approach turning governance into action
SO Collin
Journal of Management & Governance 11 (3), 215-237, 2007
Explaining municipal audit costs in Sweden: Reconsidering the political environment, the municipal organisation and the audit market
SO Collin, M Haraldsson, T Tagesson, V Blank
Financial Accountability & Management 33 (4), 391-405, 2017
Beyond markets and hierarchies: A Swedish quest for a tripolar institutional framework
SO Collin, R Larsson
International Studies of Management & Organization 23 (1), 3-12, 1993
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