Boris S. Maryshev
Boris S. Maryshev
Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics, Group of Dynamics of Geological Systems
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Non Fickian flux for advection–dispersion with immobile periods
B Maryshev, M Joelson, D Lyubimov, T Lyubimova, MC Néel
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 42 (11), 115001, 2009
The effect of sorption on linear stability for the solutal Horton–Rogers–Lapwood problem
BS Maryshev
Transport in Porous Media 109 (3), 747-764, 2015
Adjoint state method for fractional diffusion: parameter identification
B Maryshev, A Cartalade, C Latrille, M Joelson, MC Néel
Computers & Mathematics with Applications 66 (5), 630-638, 2013
Two-dimensional thermal convection in porous enclosure subjected to the horizontal seepage and gravity modulation
B Maryshev, T Lyubimova, D Lyubimov
Physics of Fluids 25 (8), 084105, 2013
Numerical simulation of microchannel blockage by the random walk method
LS Klimenko, BS Maryshev
Chemical Engineering Journal 381, 122644, 2020
Stability of homogeneous seepage of a liquid mixture through a closed region of the saturated porous medium in the presence of the solute immobilization
BS Maryshev, TP Lyubimova, DV Lyubimov
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 102, 113-121, 2016
Identifying space-dependent coefficients and the order of fractionality in fractional advection–diffusion equation
B Maryshev, A Cartalade, C Latrille, MC Néel
Transport in Porous Media 116 (1), 53-71, 2017
The effect of solute immobilization on a stability of a diffusion front in porous media under gravity field
BS Maryshev, TP Lyubimova, DV Lyubimov
Transport in Porous Media 111 (1), 239-251, 2016
Laplace-transform based inversion method for fractional dispersion
M Ouloin, B Maryshev, M Joelson, C Latrille, MC Neel
Transport in porous media 98 (1), 1-14, 2013
Stability of uniform vertical flow through a close porous filter in the presence of solute immobilization
BS Maryshev, TP Lyubimova
The European Physical Journal E 39 (6), 1-11, 2016
On the horizontal pressure filtration of the mixture through a porous medium with clogging
BS Maryshev
Bulletin of Perm University. Physics, 34, 2016
Effect of solute immobilization on the stability problem within the fractional model in the solute analog of the Horton-Rogers-Lapwood problem
LS Klimenko, BS Maryshev
The European Physical Journal E 40 (11), 1-7, 2017
Hydrodynamic dispersion in porous media with macroscopic disorder of parameters
DS Goldobin, BS Maryshev
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 894 (1), 012062, 2017
A Non-linear model for solute transport, accounting for sub-diffusive concentration decline and sorption saturation
B Maryshev
Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena 11 (3), 179-190, 2016
Discretization of an admixture flux within the framework of the fractal model of anomalous diffusion
BS Maryshev, TP Lyubimova, DV Lyubimov, MC Néel
Fluid Dynamics 46 (1), 148-157, 2011
Noise effect on convection generation in a modulated gravity field
DV Lyubimov, TP Lyubimova, BS Maryshev
Fluid Dynamics 45 (6), 859-865, 2010
Modelling of Transportation Process in Plane Flows with Stagnation Points
BS Maryshev, MA Zaks
Transport in Porous Media 135 (1), 1-24, 2020
The linear stability of vertical mixture seepage into the close porous filter with clogging
BS Maryshev
Fluid Dynamics Research 49 (1), 015501, 2016
О горизонтальной напорной фильтрации смеси через пористую среду с учетом закупорки
БС Марышев
Вестник Пермского университета. Серия: Физика, 2016
Effect of noise on the collective dynamics of a heterogeneous population of active rotators
VV Klinshov, DA Zlobin, BS Maryshev, DS Goldobin
Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science 31 (4), 043101, 2021
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