Andreas Houben
Andreas Houben
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A chromosome conformation capture ordered sequence of the barley genome
M Mascher, H Gundlach, A Himmelbach, S Beier, SO Twardziok, T Wicker, ...
Nature 544 (7651), 427-433, 2017
DNA methylation controls histone H3 lysine 9 methylation and heterochromatin assembly in Arabidopsis
WJJ Soppe, Z Jasencakova, A Houben, T Kakutani, A Meister, MS Huang, ...
The EMBO journal, 2002
Chromosomal histone modification patterns–from conservation to diversity
J Fuchs, D Demidov, A Houben, I Schubert
Trends in plant science 11 (4), 199-208, 2006
Loss of centromeric histone H3 (CENH3) from centromeres precedes uniparental chromosome elimination in interspecific barley hybrids
M Sanei, R Pickering, K Kumke, S Nasuda, A Houben
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (33), E498-E505, 2011
B chromosomes in plants: escapees from the A chromosome genome?
N Jones, A Houben
Trends in plant science 8 (9), 417-423, 2003
Uniparental chromosome elimination at mitosis and interphase in wheat and pearl millet crosses involves micronucleus formation, progressive heterochromatinization, and DNA …
D Gernand, T Rutten, A Varshney, M Rubtsova, S Prodanovic, C Bruß, ...
The Plant Cell 17 (9), 2431-2438, 2005
Genetics of sex determination in flowering plants
S Grant, A Houben, B Vyskot, J Siroky, WH Pan, J Macas, H Saedler
Developmental Genetics 15 (3), 214-230, 1994
Stable barley chromosomes without centromeric repeats
S Nasuda, S Hudakova, I Schubert, A Houben, TR Endo
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 102 (28), 9842-9847, 2005
Selfish supernumerary chromosome reveals its origin as a mosaic of host genome and organellar sequences
MM Martis, S Klemme, AM Banaei-Moghaddam, FR Blattner, J Macas, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (33), 13343-13346, 2012
A century of B chromosomes in plants: so what?
RN Jones, W Viegas, A Houben
Annals of botany 101 (6), 767-775, 2008
Chromosome-scale genome assembly provides insights into rye biology, evolution and agronomic potential
MT Rabanus-Wallace, B Hackauf, M Mascher, T Lux, T Wicker, ...
Nature genetics 53 (4), 564-573, 2021
A whole‐genome snapshot of 454 sequences exposes the composition of the barley genome and provides evidence for parallel evolution of genome size in wheat and barley
T Wicker, S Taudien, A Houben, B Keller, A Graner, M Platzer, N Stein
The Plant Journal 59 (5), 712-722, 2009
Methylation of histone H3 in euchromatin of plant chromosomes depends on basic nuclear DNA content
A Houben, D Demidov, D Gernand, A Meister, CR Leach, I Schubert
The Plant Journal 33 (6), 967-973, 2003
Evolution and biology of supernumerary B chromosomes
A Houben, AM Banaei-Moghaddam, S Klemme, JN Timmis
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 71, 467-478, 2014
Phosphorylation of histone H3 in plants—a dynamic affair
A Houben, D Demidov, AD Caperta, R Karimi, F Agueci, L Vlasenko
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Gene Structure and Expression 1769 (5-6 …, 2007
Point mutation impairs centromeric CENH3 loading and induces haploid plants
R Karimi-Ashtiyani, T Ishii, M Niessen, N Stein, S Heckmann, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (36), 11211-11216, 2015
Identification and dynamics of two classes of aurora-like kinases in Arabidopsis and other plants
D Demidov, D Van Damme, D Geelen, FR Blattner, A Houben
The Plant Cell 17 (3), 836-848, 2005
Construction of a map-based reference genome sequence for barley, Hordeum vulgare L.
S Beier, A Himmelbach, C Colmsee, XQ Zhang, RA Barrero, Q Zhang, L Li, ...
Scientific Data 4 (1), 1-24, 2017
The chromosomal distribution of phosphorylated histone H3 differs between plants and animals at meiosis
S Manzanero, P Arana, MJ Puertas, A Houben
Chromosoma 109 (5), 308-317, 2000
The transcript elongation factor FACT affects Arabidopsis vegetative and reproductive development and genetically interacts with HUB1/2
IB Lolas, K Himanen, JT Grønlund, C Lynggaard, A Houben, M Melzer, ...
The Plant Journal 61 (4), 686-697, 2010
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