Oliver Schmitz
Oliver Schmitz
Utrecht University, Department of Physical Geography, Utrecht, Netherlands
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A software framework for construction of process-based stochastic spatio-temporal models and data assimilation
D Karssenberg, O Schmitz, P Salamon, K de Jong, MFP Bierkens
Environmental Modelling & Software 25 (4), 489-502, 2010
PCR-GLOBWB 2: a 5 arcmin global hydrological and water resources model
EH Sutanudjaja, R Van Beek, N Wanders, Y Wada, JHC Bosmans, ...
Geoscientific Model Development 11 (6), 2429-2453, 2018
A global-scale two-layer transient groundwater model: Development and application to groundwater depletion
IEM de Graaf, RLPH van Beek, T Gleeson, N Moosdorf, O Schmitz, ...
Advances in Water Resources 102, 53-67, 2017
Long-term exposure to particulate matter, NO2 and the oxidative potential of particulates and diabetes prevalence in a large national health survey
M Strak, N Janssen, R Beelen, O Schmitz, I Vaartjes, D Karssenberg, ...
Environment International 108, 228-236, 2017
Linking external components to a spatio-temporal modelling framework: Coupling MODFLOW and PCRaster
O Schmitz, D Karssenberg, WPA van Deursen, CG Wesseling
Environmental Modelling & Software 24 (9), 1088-1099, 2009
Associations between lifestyle and air pollution exposure: Potential for confounding in large administrative data cohorts
M Strak, N Janssen, R Beelen, O Schmitz, D Karssenberg, D Houthuijs, ...
Environmental Research 156, 364-373, 2017
Map algebra and model algebra for integrated model building
O Schmitz, D Karssenberg, K De Jong, JL De Kok, SM De Jong
Environmental Modelling & Software 48, 113-128, 2013
High resolution annual average air pollution concentration maps for the Netherlands
O Schmitz, R Beelen, M Strak, G Hoek, I Soenario, B Brunekreef, ...
Scientific Data 6, 190035, 2019
Relations between air pollution and vascular development in 5-year old children: a cross-sectional study in the Netherlands
AM Ntarladima, I Vaartjes, DE Grobbee, M Dijst, O Schmitz, C Uiterwaal, ...
Environmental Health 18 (1), 50, 2019
Relations between the residential fast-food environment and the individual risk of cardiovascular diseases in The Netherlands: A nationwide follow-up study
M Poelman, M Strak, O Schmitz, G Hoek, D Karssenberg, M Helbich, ...
European journal of preventive cardiology 25 (13), 1397-1405, 2018
Thermal unmixing based downscaling for fine resolution diurnal land surface temperature analysis
J Wang, O Schmitz, M Lu, D Karssenberg
ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 161, 76-89, 2020
How a Pareto frontier complements scenario projections in land use change impact assessment
JA Verstegen, JGG Jonker, D Karssenberg, F van der Hilst, O Schmitz, ...
Environmental Modelling & Software 97, 287-302, 2017
Activity-based air pollution exposure assessment: Differences between homemakers and cycling commuters
M Lu, O Schmitz, I Vaartjes, D Karssenberg
Health & Place 60, 102233, 2019
Design and demonstration of a data model to integrate agent-based and field-based modelling
MP de Bakker, K de Jong, O Schmitz, D Karssenberg
Environmental Modelling & Software 89, 172-189, 2017
Land use regression models revealing spatiotemporal co-variation in NO2, NO, and O3 in the Netherlands
M Lu, I Soenario, M Helbich, O Schmitz, G Hoek, M van der Molen, ...
Atmospheric Environment 223, 117238, 2020
Evaluation of different methods and data sources to optimise modelling of NO2 at a global scale
M Lu, O Schmitz, K de Hoogh, Q Kai, D Karssenberg
Environment international 142, 105856, 2020
A software framework for process flow execution of stochastic multi-scale integrated models
O Schmitz, JL de Kok, D Karssenberg
Ecological Informatics 32, 124-133, 2016
Global to regional scale evaluation of adaptation measures to reduce the future water gap
M Straatsma, P Droogers, J Hunink, W Berendrecht, J Buitink, W Buytaert, ...
Environmental Modelling & Software 124, 104578, 2020
A framework to resolve spatio-temporal misalignment in component-based modelling
O Schmitz, E Salvadore, L Poelmans, J van der Kwast, D Karssenberg
Journal of Hydroinformatics 16 (4), 850-871, 2014
Bridging the climate-induced water gap in the twenty-first century: adaptation support based on water supply, demand, adaptation and financing.
M Straatsma, P Droogers, J Brandsma, W Buytaert, D Karssenberg, ...
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts 16, 2014
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