Kei Masani
Kei Masani
Motion & Adaptation Science Laboratory
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Importance of body sway velocity information in controlling ankle extensor activities during quiet stance
K Masani, MR Popovic, K Nakazawa, M Kouzaki, D Nozaki
Journal of neurophysiology 90 (6), 3774-3782, 2003
Controlling balance during quiet standing: proportional and derivative controller generates preceding motor command to body sway position observed in experiments
K Masani, AH Vette, MR Popovic
Gait & posture 23 (2), 164-172, 2006
Reciprocal angular acceleration of the ankle and hip joints during quiet standing in humans
Y Aramaki, D Nozaki, K Masani, T Sato, K Nakazawa, H Yano
Experimental brain research 136 (4), 463-473, 2001
Variability of ground reaction forces during treadmill walking
K Masani, M Kouzaki, T Fukunaga
Journal of applied physiology 92 (5), 1885-1890, 2002
Reduced postural sway during quiet standing by light touch is due to finger tactile feedback but not mechanical support
M Kouzaki, K Masani
Experimental brain research 188, 153-158, 2008
Larger center of pressure minus center of gravity in the elderly induces larger body acceleration during quiet standing
K Masani, AH Vette, M Kouzaki, H Kanehisa, T Fukunaga, MR Popovic
Neuroscience letters 422 (3), 202-206, 2007
A randomized trial of functional electrical stimulation for walking in incomplete spinal cord injury: effects on walking competency
N Kapadia, K Masani, B Catharine Craven, LM Giangregorio, SL Hitzig, ...
The journal of spinal cord medicine 37 (5), 511-524, 2014
Positive effect of balance training with visual feedback on standing balance abilities in people with incomplete spinal cord injury
DG Sayenko, MI Alekhina, K Masani, AH Vette, H Obata, MR Popovic, ...
Spinal cord 48 (12), 886-893, 2010
Center of pressure velocity reflects body acceleration rather than body velocity during quiet standing
K Masani, AH Vette, MO Abe, K Nakazawa
Gait & posture 39 (3), 946-952, 2014
Acute effects of whole body vibration during passive standing on soleus H-reflex in subjects with and without spinal cord injury
DG Sayenko, K Masani, M Alizadeh-Meghrazi, MR Popovic, BC Craven
Neuroscience letters 482 (1), 66-70, 2010
Alternate muscle activity observed between knee extensor synergists during low-level sustained contractions
M Kouzaki, M Shinohara, K Masani, H Kanehisa, T Fukunaga
Journal of Applied Physiology 93 (2), 675-684, 2002
Postural sway during quiet standing is related to physiological tremor and muscle volume in young and elderly adults
M Kouzaki, K Masani
Gait & posture 35 (1), 11-17, 2012
Evaluation of postural control in quiet standing using center of mass acceleration: comparison among the young, the elderly, and people with stroke
E Yu, M Abe, K Masani, N Kawashima, F Eto, N Haga, K Nakazawa
Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation 89 (6), 1133-1139, 2008
Effects of equivolume isometric training programs comprising medium or high resistance on muscle size and strength
H Kanehisa, H Nagareda, Y Kawakami, H Akima, K Masani, M Kouzaki, ...
European journal of applied physiology 87, 112-119, 2002
Neural-mechanical feedback control scheme generates physiological ankle torque fluctuation during quiet stance
AH Vette, K Masani, K Nakazawa, MR Popovic
IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering 18 (1), 86-95, 2010
Neuromusculoskeletal torque-generation process has a large destabilizing effect on the control mechanism of quiet standing
K Masani, AH Vette, N Kawashima, MR Popovic
Journal of neurophysiology 100 (3), 1465-1475, 2008
Implementation of a physiologically identified PD feedback controller for regulating the active ankle torque during quiet stance
AH Vette, K Masani, MR Popovic
IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering 15 (2 …, 2007
Reducing muscle fatigue during transcutaneous neuromuscular electrical stimulation by spatially and sequentially distributing electrical stimulation sources
DG Sayenko, R Nguyen, MR Popovic, K Masani
European journal of applied physiology 114, 793-804, 2014
Postural reactions of the trunk muscles to multi-directional perturbations in sitting
K Masani, VW Sin, AH Vette, TA Thrasher, N Kawashima, A Morris, ...
Clinical Biomechanics 24 (2), 176-182, 2009
Difference in aftereffects following prolonged Achilles tendon vibration on muscle activity during maximal voluntary contraction among plantar flexor synergists
J Ushiyama, K Masani, M Kouzaki, H Kanehisa, T Fukunaga
Journal of Applied Physiology 98 (4), 1427-1433, 2005
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