Julien Meaud
Julien Meaud
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
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The remarkable cochlear amplifier
J Ashmore, P Avan, WE Brownell, P Dallos, K Dierkes, R Fettiplace, ...
Hearing research 266 (1-2), 1-17, 2010
Three-dimensional-printed multistable mechanical metamaterials with a deterministic deformation sequence
K Che, C Yuan, J Wu, H Jerry Qi, J Meaud
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The effect of tectorial membrane and basilar membrane longitudinal coupling in cochlear mechanics
J Meaud, K Grosh
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 127 (3), 1411-1421, 2010
Tuning elastic wave propagation in multistable architected materials
J Meaud, K Che
International Journal of Solids and Structures 122, 69-80, 2017
Coupling active hair bundle mechanics, fast adaptation, and somatic motility in a cochlear model
J Meaud, K Grosh
Biophysical journal 100 (11), 2576-2585, 2011
Simultaneously high stiffness and damping in nanoengineered microtruss composites
J Meaud, T Sain, B Yeom, SJ Park, AB Shoultz, G Hulbert, ZD Ma, ...
Acs Nano 8 (4), 3468-3475, 2014
Analysis and optimal design of layered composites with high stiffness and high damping
J Meaud, T Sain, GM Hulbert, AM Waas
International Journal of solids and structures 50 (9), 1342-1353, 2013
Response to a pure tone in a nonlinear mechanical-electrical-acoustical model of the cochlea
J Meaud, K Grosh
Biophysical journal 102 (6), 1237-1246, 2012
Viscoelastic multistable architected materials with temperature-dependent snapping sequence
K Che, C Yuan, HJ Qi, J Meaud
Soft matter 14 (13), 2492-2499, 2018
Effect of the attachment of the tectorial membrane on cochlear micromechanics and two-tone suppression
J Meaud, K Grosh
Biophysical journal 106 (6), 1398-1405, 2014
Multistable two-dimensional spring-mass lattices with tunable band gaps and wave directionality
J Meaud
Journal of Sound and Vibration 434, 44-62, 2018
Rate dependent finite strain constitutive modeling of polyurethane and polyurethane–clay nanocomposites
T Sain, J Meaud, B Yeom, AM Waas, EM Arruda
International Journal of Solids and Structures 54, 147-155, 2015
Simultaneously high stiffness and damping in a class of wavy layered composites
T Sain, J Meaud, G Hulbert, EM Arruda, AM Waas
Composite Structures 101, 104-110, 2013
Nonlinear response to a click in a time-domain model of the mammalian ear
J Meaud, C Lemons
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 138 (1), 193-207, 2015
Forward and reverse waves: Modeling distortion products in the intracochlear fluid pressure
T Bowling, J Meaud
Biophysical journal 114 (3), 747-757, 2018
Nonlinear wave propagation and dynamic reconfiguration in two-dimensional lattices with bistable elements
J Meaud
Journal of Sound and Vibration 473, 115239, 2020
Temperature-tunable time-dependent snapping of viscoelastic metastructures with snap-through instabilities
K Che, M Rouleau, J Meaud
Extreme Mechanics Letters 32, 100528, 2019
Reducing tectorial membrane viscoelasticity enhances spontaneous otoacoustic emissions and compromises the detection of low level sound
T Bowling, C Lemons, J Meaud
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-11, 2019
Dependence of the dynamic properties of Voigt and Reuss composites on the Poisson's ratios and bulk loss factors of the constituent materials
J Meaud, GM Hulbert
Journal of composite materials 47 (26), 3237-3247, 2013
Intracochlear distortion products are broadly generated by outer hair cells but their contributions to otoacoustic emissions are spatially restricted
T Bowling, H Wen, SWF Meenderink, W Dong, J Meaud
Scientific Reports 11 (1), 1-14, 2021
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