Anand Sarwate
Anand Sarwate
Associate Professor, Rutgers University
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Differentially private empirical risk minimization
K Chaudhuri, C Monteleoni, AD Sarwate
Journal of machine learning research: JMLR 12, 1069, 2011
Stochastic gradient descent with differentially private updates
S Song, K Chaudhuri, AD Sarwate
2013 IEEE global conference on signal and information processing, 245-248, 2013
Broadcast gossip algorithms for consensus
TC Aysal, ME Yildiz, AD Sarwate, A Scaglione
Signal Processing, IEEE Transactions on 57 (7), 2748-2761, 2009
Geographic gossip: Efficient aggregation for sensor networks
AG Dimakis, AD Sarwate, MJ Wainwright
Proceedings of the 5th international conference on Information processing in …, 2006
Geographic gossip: Efficient averaging for sensor networks
ADG Dimakis, AD Sarwate, MJ Wainwright
Signal Processing, IEEE Transactions on 56 (3), 1205-1216, 2008
Signal processing and machine learning with differential privacy: Algorithms and challenges for continuous data
AD Sarwate, K Chaudhuri
IEEE signal processing magazine 30 (5), 86-94, 2013
A Near-Optimal Algorithm for Differentially-Private Principal Components.
K Chaudhuri, AD Sarwate, K Sinha
Journal of Machine Learning Research 14, 2013
Near-optimal differentially private principal components
K Chaudhuri, A Sarwate, K Sinha
Advances in neural information processing systems 25, 2012
The Impact of Mobility on Gossip Algorithms
AD Sarwate, AG Dimakis
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 58 (3), 1731 - 1742, 2012
Social learning and distributed hypothesis testing
A Lalitha, T Javidi, AD Sarwate
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 64 (9), 6161-6179, 2018
Social learning and distributed hypothesis testing
A Lalitha, A Sarwate, T Javidi
2014 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, 551-555, 2014
COINSTAC: a privacy enabled model and prototype for leveraging and processing decentralized brain imaging data
SM Plis, AD Sarwate, D Wood, C Dieringer, D Landis, C Reed, SR Panta, ...
Frontiers in neuroscience 10, 365, 2016
A unified optimization approach for sparse tensor operations on gpus
B Liu, C Wen, AD Sarwate, MM Dehnavi
2017 IEEE international conference on cluster computing (CLUSTER), 47-57, 2017
Exact emulation of a priority queue with a switch and delay lines
AD Sarwate, V Anantharam
Queueing Systems 53 (3), 115-125, 2006
Sharing privacy-sensitive access to neuroimaging and genetics data: a review and preliminary validation
AD Sarwate, SM Plis, JA Turner, MR Arbabshirani, VD Calhoun
Frontiers in neuroinformatics 8, 35, 2014
A rate-disortion perspective on local differential privacy
AD Sarwate, L Sankar
2014 52nd Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and …, 2014
Randomized requantization with local differential privacy
S Xiong, AD Sarwate, NB Mandayam
2016 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal …, 2016
Learning from data with heterogeneous noise using sgd
S Song, K Chaudhuri, A Sarwate
Artificial Intelligence and Statistics, 894-902, 2015
Broadcast gossip algorithms: Design and analysis for consensus
TC Aysal, ME Yildiz, AD Sarwate, A Scaglione
2008 47th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 4843-4848, 2008
Robust and adaptive communication under uncertain interference
AD Sarwate
University of California, Berkeley, 2008
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