Shuming Jiao
Shuming Jiao
Peng Cheng Laboratory (jiaoshm'at'pcl.ac.cn)
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Review on optical image hiding and watermarking techniques
S Jiao, C Zhou, Y Shi, W Zou, X Li
Optics & Laser Technology 109, 370-380, 2019
Visual cryptography in single-pixel imaging
S Jiao, J Feng, Y Gao, T Lei, X Yuan
Optics Express 28 (5), 7301-7313, 2020
Optical machine learning with incoherent light and a single-pixel detector
S Jiao, J Feng, Y Gao, T Lei, Z Xie, X Yuan
Optics Letters 44 (21), 5186-5189, 2019
Fast computer generated hologram calculation with a mini look-up table incorporated with radial symmetric interpolation
S Jiao, Z Zhuang, W Zou
Optics express 25 (1), 112-123, 2017
Secured single-pixel broadcast imaging
Z Zhang, S Jiao, M Yao, X Li, J Zhong
Optics express 26 (11), 14578-14591, 2018
Compression of phase-only holograms with JPEG standard and deep learning
S Jiao, Z Jin, C Chang, C Zhou, W Zou, X Li
Applied Sciences 8 (8), 1258, 2018
Motion estimation and quality enhancement for a single image in dynamic single-pixel imaging
S Jiao, M Sun, Y Gao, T Lei, Z Xie, X Yuan
Optics Express 27 (9), 12841-12854, 2019
QR code based noise-free optical encryption and decryption of a gray scale image
S Jiao, W Zou, X Li
Optics Communications 387, 235-240, 2017
Does deep learning always outperform simple linear regression in optical imaging?
S Jiao, Y Gao, J Feng, T Lei, X Yuan
Optics Express 28 (3), 3717-3731, 2020
Fast conversion of digital Fresnel hologram to phase-only hologram based on localized error diffusion and redistribution
PWM Tsang, ASM Jiao, TC Poon
Optics express 22 (5), 5060-5066, 2014
Analog Optical Computing for Artificial Intelligence
J Wu, X Lin, Y Guo, J Liu, L Fang, S Jiao, Q Dai
ENGINEERING 10, 133-145, 2022
Error diffusion method with optimized weighting coefficients for binary hologram generation
G Yang, S Jiao, JP Liu, T Lei, X Yuan
Applied optics 58 (20), 5547-5555, 2019
Special ciphertext-only attack to double random phase encryption by plaintext shifting with speckle correlation
S Jiao, G Li, C Zhou, W Zou, X Li
JOSA A 35 (1), A1-A6, 2018
Is QR code an optimal data container in optical encryption systems from an error-correction coding perspective?
S Jiao, Z Jin, C Zhou, W Zou, X Li
JOSA A 35 (1), A23-A29, 2018
Complex-amplitude holographic projection with a digital micromirror device (DMD) and error diffusion algorithm
S Jiao, D Zhang, C Zhang, Y Gao, T Lei, X Yuan
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 26 (5), 1-8, 2020
Multiple-image encryption and hiding with an optical diffractive neural network
Y Gao, S Jiao, J Fang, T Lei, Z Xie, X Yuan
Optics Communications 463, 125476, 2020
Known-plaintext attack and ciphertext-only attack for encrypted single-pixel imaging
S Jiao, T Lei, Y Gao, Z Xie, X Yuan
IEEE Access 7, 119557-119565, 2019
Known-plaintext attack to optical encryption systems with space and polarization encoding
S Jiao, Y Gao, T Lei, X Yuan
Optics Express 28 (6), 8085-8097, 2020
Enhanced autofocusing in optical scanning holography based on hologram decomposition
S Jiao, PWM Tsang, TC Poon, JP Liu, W Zou, X Li
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics 13 (5), 2455-2463, 2017
High-resolution parallel phase-shifting digital holography using a low-resolution phase-shifting array device based on image inpainting
S Jiao, W Zou
Optics letters 42 (3), 482-485, 2017
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