Olivier Napoly
Olivier Napoly
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Operation of a free-electron laser from the extreme ultraviolet to the water window
W Ackermann, G Asova, V Ayvazyan, A Azima, N Baboi, J Bähr, ...
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The European X-ray free-electron laser. Technical design report
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The international linear collider: a global project
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Spontaneous chiral symmetry breaking for a U (N) gauge theory on a lattice
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Updated baseline for a staged Compact Linear Collider
C Balazs, TK Charles
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A Sery, O Napoly
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An interaction region for gamma–gamma and gamma–electron collisions at TESLA/SBLC
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Partons at low P T
G Cohen-Tannoudji, A El Hassouni, J Kalinowski, O Napoly, ...
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High precision superconducting cavity diagnostics with higher order mode measurements
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A generalized method for calculating wake potentials
O Napoly, YH Chin, B Zotter
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The international linear collider. A global project
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The luminosity for beam distributions with error and wakefield effects in linear colliders
O Napoly
Part. Accel. 40 (CLIC-Note-173), 181-203, 1992
Exceptional coset spaces and the spectrum of quarks and leptons
W Buchmüller, O Napoly
Physics Letters B 163 (1-4), 161-166, 1985
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