Hiroaki Misawa
Hiroaki Misawa
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Three-dimensional photonic crystal structures achieved with two-photon-absorption photopolymerization of resin
HB Sun, S Matsuo, H Misawa
Applied physics letters 74 (6), 786-788, 1999
Femtosecond laser-assisted three-dimensional microfabrication in silica
A Marcinkevičius, S Juodkazis, M Watanabe, M Miwa, S Matsuo, ...
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Plasmon-Assisted Photocurrent Generation from Visible to Near-Infrared Wavelength Using a Au-Nanorods/TiO2 Electrode
Y Nishijima, K Ueno, Y Yokota, K Murakoshi, H Misawa
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 1 (13), 2031-2036, 2010
Laser-induced microexplosion confined in the bulk of a sapphire crystal: evidence of multimegabar pressures
S Juodkazis, K Nishimura, S Tanaka, H Misawa, EG Gamaly, ...
Physical review letters 96 (16), 166101, 2006
Femtosecond laser interference technique with diffractive beam splitter for fabrication of three-dimensional photonic crystals
T Kondo, S Matsuo, S Juodkazis, H Misawa
Applied Physics Letters 79 (6), 725-727, 2001
Pattern formation and flow control of fine particles by laser-scanning micromanipulation
K Sasaki, M Koshioka, H Misawa, N Kitamura, H Masuhara
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Laser-matter interaction in the bulk of a transparent solid: Confined microexplosion and void formation
EG Gamaly, S Juodkazis, K Nishimura, H Misawa, B Luther-Davies, ...
Physical Review B 73 (21), 214101, 2006
Reversible phase transitions in polymer gels induced by radiation forces
S Juodkazis, N Mukai, R Wakaki, A Yamaguchi, S Matsuo, H Misawa
Nature 408 (6809), 178-181, 2000
Nanoparticle plasmon-assisted two-photon polymerization induced by incoherent excitation source
K Ueno, S Juodkazis, T Shibuya, Y Yokota, V Mizeikis, K Sasaki, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (22), 6928-6929, 2008
Two-photon lithography of nanorods in SU-8 photoresist
S Juodkazis, V Mizeikis, KK Seet, M Miwa, H Misawa
Nanotechnology 16 (6), 846, 2005
Three‐dimensional spiral‐architecture photonic crystals obtained by direct laser writing
KK Seet, V Mizeikis, S Matsuo, S Juodkazis, H Misawa
Advanced Materials 17 (5), 541-545, 2005
Optical trapping of a metal particle and a water droplet by a scanning laser beam
K Sasaki, M Koshioka, H Misawa, N Kitamura, H Masuhara
Applied Physics Letters 60 (7), 807-809, 1992
Arbitrary-lattice photonic crystals created by multiphoton microfabrication
HB Sun, Y Xu, S Juodkazis, K Sun, M Watanabe, S Matsuo, H Misawa, ...
Optics Letters 26 (6), 325-327, 2001
A heater-integrated transparent microchannel chip for continuous-flow PCR
K Sun, A Yamaguchi, Y Ishida, S Matsuo, H Misawa
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 84 (2-3), 283-289, 2002
Three‐dimensional optical trapping and laser ablation of a single polymer latex particle in water
H Misawa, M Koshioka, K Sasaki, N Kitamura, H Masuhara
Journal of applied physics 70 (7), 3829-3836, 1991
Real three-dimensional microstructures fabricated by photopolymerization of resins through two-photon absorption
HB Sun, T Kawakami, Y Xu, JY Ye, S Matuso, H Misawa, M Miwa, ...
Optics letters 25 (15), 1110-1112, 2000
Optical vortices from liquid crystal droplets
E Brasselet, N Murazawa, H Misawa, S Juodkazis
Physical review letters 103 (10), 103903, 2009
Multiphoton fabrication of periodic structures by multibeam interference of femtosecond pulses
T Kondo, S Matsuo, S Juodkazis, V Mizeikis, H Misawa
Applied Physics Letters 82 (17), 2758-2760, 2003
Selective dinitrogen conversion to ammonia using water and visible light through plasmon‐induced charge separation
T Oshikiri, K Ueno, H Misawa
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 55 (12), 3942-3946, 2016
Three-dimensional microfabrication of materials by femtosecond lasers for photonics applications
S Juodkazis, V Mizeikis, H Misawa
Journal of Applied Physics 106 (5), 8, 2009
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