Azalea ZHU
Azalea ZHU
Southern university of science and technology
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Magnetic and highly recyclable macroporous carbon nanotubes for spilled oil sorption and separation
X Gui, Z Zeng, Z Lin, Q Gan, R Xiang, Y Zhu, A Cao, Z Tang
ACS applied materials & interfaces 5 (12), 5845-5850, 2013
Three-dimensional α-Fe 2 O 3/carbon nanotube sponges as flexible supercapacitor electrodes
X Cheng, X Gui, Z Lin, Y Zheng, M Liu, R Zhan, Y Zhu, Z Tang
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3 (42), 20927-20934, 2015
Porous graphitic carbons prepared by combining chemical activation with catalytic graphitization
D Zhai, H Du, B Li, Y Zhu, F Kang
Carbon 49 (2), 725-729, 2011
Three‐Dimensional Carbon Nanotube Sponge‐Array Architectures with High Energy Dissipation
X Gui, Z Zeng, Y Zhu, H Li, Z Lin, Q Gan, R Xiang, A Cao, Z Tang
Advanced Materials 26 (8), 1248-1253, 2014
High-performance zero-bias ultraviolet photodetector based on p-GaN/n-ZnO heterojunction
L Su, Q Zhang, T Wu, M Chen, Y Su, Y Zhu, R Xiang, X Gui, Z Tang
Applied Physics Letters 105 (7), 072106, 2014
Wide Range Bandgap Modulation Based on ZnO-based Alloys and Fabrication of Solar Blind UV Detectors with High Rejection Ratio
L Su, Y Zhu, D Yong, M Chen, X Ji, Y Su, X Gui, B Pan, R Xiang, Z Tang
ACS applied materials & interfaces 6 (16), 14152-14158, 2014
Size-controlled synthesis of monodisperse superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles
Y Zhu, FY Jiang, K Chen, F Kang, ZK Tang
Journal of alloys and compounds 509 (34), 8549-8553, 2011
In-situ welding carbon nanotubes into a porous solid with super-high compressive strength and fatigue resistance
Z Lin, X Gui, Q Gan, W Chen, X Cheng, M Liu, Y Zhu, Y Yang, A Cao, ...
Scientific reports 5 (1), 1-10, 2015
Carbon Nanotube Sponge‐Array Tandem Composites with Extended Energy Absorption Range
Z Zeng, X Gui, Z Lin, L Zhang, Y Jia, A Cao, Y Zhu, R Xiang, T Wu, Z Tang
Advanced Materials 25 (8), 1185-1191, 2013
Heat-loss modified Angstrom method for simultaneous measurements of thermal diffusivity and conductivity of graphite sheets: The origins of heat loss in Angstrom method
Y Zhu
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 92, 784-791, 2016
Fabrication of iron oxide/silica core–shell nanoparticles and their magnetic characteristics
F Jiang, Y Fu, Y Zhu, ZK Tang, P Sheng
Journal of alloys and compounds 543, 43-48, 2012
Solar-blind wurtzite MgZnO alloy films stabilized by Be doping
L Su, Y Zhu, Q Zhang, M Chen, X Ji, T Wu, X Gui, B Pan, R Xiang, Z Tang
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 46 (24), 245103, 2013
Controllable fabrication of large-area wrinkled graphene on a solution surface
W Chen, X Gui, B Liang, M Liu, Z Lin, Y Zhu, Z Tang
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (17), 10977-10984, 2016
Beryllium‐Assisted p‐Type Doping for ZnO Homojunction Light‐Emitting Devices
A Chen, H Zhu, Y Wu, M Chen, Y Zhu, X Gui, Z Tang
Advanced Functional Materials 26 (21), 3696-3702, 2016
Formation behavior of BexZn1− xO alloys grown by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy
M Chen, Y Zhu, L Su, Q Zhang, A Chen, X Ji, R Xiang, X Gui, T Wu, B Pan, ...
Applied Physics Letters 102 (20), 202103, 2013
Structure and optical properties of ternary alloy BeZnO and quaternary alloy BeMgZnO films growth by molecular beam epitaxy
L Su, Y Zhu, Q Zhang, M Chen, T Wu, X Gui, B Pan, R Xiang, Z Tang
Applied surface science 274, 341-344, 2013
Elastic shape recovery of carbon nanotube sponges in liquid oil
X Gui, Z Zeng, A Cao, Z Lin, H Zeng, R Xiang, T Wu, Y Zhu, Z Tang
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (35), 18300-18305, 2012
Preparation of oriented graphite/polymer composite sheets with high thermal conductivities by tape casting
New Carbon Materials 27 (4), 241-249, 2012
Tailoring Plasmon Resonances in Aluminium Nanoparticle Arrays Fabricated Using Anodic Aluminium Oxide
C Zhao, Y Zhu, Y Su, Z Guan, A Chen, X Ji, X Gui, R Xiang, Z Tang
Advanced Optical Materials 3 (2), 248-256, 2015
Temperature-dependent structural relaxation of BeZnO alloys
L Su, Y Zhu, M Chen, Q Zhang, Y Su, X Ji, T Wu, X Gui, R Xiang, Z Tang
Applied Physics Letters 103 (7), 072104, 2013
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