Hyungpil Moon
Hyungpil Moon
Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University
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Knitted fabrics made from highly conductive stretchable fibers
R Ma, J Lee, D Choi, H Moon, S Baik
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Challenges and implemented technologies used in autonomous drone racing
H Moon, J Martinez-Carranza, T Cieslewski, M Faessler, D Falanga, ...
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A transparent and stretchable graphene-based actuator for tactile display
U Kim, J Kang, C Lee, HY Kwon, S Hwang, H Moon, JC Koo, JD Nam, ...
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Design analysis and fabrication of arrayed tactile display based on dielectric elastomer actuator
HS Lee, H Phung, DH Lee, UK Kim, CT Nguyen, H Moon, JC Koo, ...
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 205, 191-198, 2014
A robotic finger driven by twisted and coiled polymer actuator
KH Cho, MG Song, H Jung, J Park, H Moon, JC Koo, JD Nam, HR Choi
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A small biomimetic quadruped robot driven by multistacked dielectric elastomer actuators
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In-pipe robot based on selective drive mechanism
S Roh, DW Kim, JS Lee, H Moon, HR Choi
International Journal of Control, Automation and Systems 7, 105-112, 2009
Development of wall climbing robot system by using impeller type adhesion mechanism
IM Koo, TD Trong, YH Lee, H Moon, J Koo, SK Park, HR Choi
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Modularized in-pipe robot capable of selective navigation inside of pipelines
S Roh, JS Lee, H Moon, HR Choi
2008 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems …, 2008
Inspection robot for hanger cable of suspension bridge: Mechanism design and analysis
KH Cho, HM Kim, YH Jin, F Liu, H Moon, JC Koo, HR Choi
IEEE/ASME Transactions on mechatronics 18 (6), 1665-1674, 2013
Cathodic electrophoretic deposition (EPD) of phenylenediamine-modified graphene oxide (GO) for anti-corrosion protection of metal surfaces
MJ Hwang, MG Kim, S Kim, YC Kim, HW Seo, JK Cho, IK Park, J Suhr, ...
Carbon 142, 68-77, 2019
UV-curing kinetics and performance development of in situ curable 3D printing materials
YC Kim, S Hong, H Sun, MG Kim, K Choi, J Cho, HR Choi, JC Koo, ...
European Polymer Journal 93, 140-147, 2017
Fabrication and control of rectilinear artificial muscle actuator
NH Chuc, NHL Vuong, DS Kim, HP Moon, JC Koo, YK Lee, JD Nam, ...
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Electrically controllable twisted-coiled artificial muscle actuators using surface-modified polyester fibers
J Park, JW Yoo, HW Seo, Y Lee, J Suhr, H Moon, JC Koo, HR Choi, ...
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High performance twisted and coiled soft actuator with spandex fiber for artificial muscles
SY Yang, KH Cho, Y Kim, MG Song, HS Jung, JW Yoo, H Moon, JC Koo, ...
Smart Materials and Structures 26 (10), 105025, 2017
Fabrication and modeling of temperature-controllable artificial muscle actuator
KH Cho, MG Song, H Jung, SY Yang, H Moon, JC Koo, HR Choi
2016 6th IEEE International Conference on Biomedical Robotics and …, 2016
Improving traversability of quadruped walking robots using body movement in 3D rough terrains
VG Loc, IM Koo, DT Tran, S Park, H Moon, HR Choi
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In-pipe robot navigation based on the landmark recognition system using shadow images
JS Lee, S Roh, H Moon, HR Choi
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Double helix twisted and coiled soft actuator from spandex and nylon
K Kim, KH Cho, HS Jung, SY Yang, Y Kim, JH Park, H Jang, JD Nam, ...
Advanced Engineering Materials 20 (11), 1800536, 2018
An in-pipe robot with multi-axial differential gear mechanism
HM Kim, JS Suh, YS Choi, TD Trong, H Moon, J Koo, S Ryew, HR Choi
2013 IEEE/RSJ international conference on intelligent robots and systems …, 2013
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