Dmitry Kvashnin
Dmitry Kvashnin
Emanuel Institute of Biochemical Physics RAS
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Large scale growth and characterization of atomic hexagonal boron nitride layers
L Song, L Ci, H Lu, PB Sorokin, C Jin, J Ni, AG Kvashnin, DG Kvashnin, ...
Nano letters 10 (8), 3209-3215, 2010
Nanomechanical cleavage of molybdenum disulphide atomic layers
DM Tang, DG Kvashnin, S Najmaei, Y Bando, K Kimoto, P Koskinen, ...
Nature communications 5, 3631, 2014
Diamond-like C2H nanolayer, diamane: Simulation of the structure and properties
LA Chernozatonskii, PB Sorokin, AG Kvashnin, DG Kvashnin
Jetp Letters 90 (2), 134-138, 2009
Influence of size effect on the electronic and elastic properties of diamond films with nanometer thickness
LA Chernozatonskii, PB Sorokin, AA Kuzubov, BP Sorokin, AG Kvashnin, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115 (1), 132-136, 2010
Tuning of the optical, electronic, and magnetic properties of boron nitride nanosheets with oxygen doping and functionalization
Q Weng, DG Kvashnin, X Wang, O Cretu, Y Yang, M Zhou, C Zhang, ...
Advanced materials 29 (28), 1700695, 2017
Density functional study of⟨ 110⟩-oriented thin silicon nanowires
PB Sorokin, PV Avramov, AG Kvashnin, DG Kvashnin, SG Ovchinnikov, ...
Physical Review B 77 (23), 235417, 2008
The impact of edges and dopants on the work function of graphene nanostructures: the way to high electronic emission from pure carbon medium
DG Kvashnin, PB Sorokin, JW Brüning, LA Chernozatonskii
Applied Physics Letters 102 (18), 183112, 2013
Effect of ultrahigh stiffness of defective graphene from atomistic point of view
DG Kvashnin, PB Sorokin
The journal of physical chemistry letters 6 (12), 2384-2387, 2015
Toward stronger Al–BN nanotube composite materials: insights into bonding at the Al/BN interface from first-principles calculations
AV Krasheninnikov, N Berseneva, DG Kvashnin, J Enkovaara, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (46), 26894-26901, 2014
Bilayered semiconductor graphene nanostructures with periodically arranged hexagonal holes
DG Kvashnin, P Vancsó, LY Antipina, GI Márk, LP Biró, PB Sorokin, ...
Nano Research 8 (4), 1250-1258, 2015
Al-based composites reinforced with AlB2, AlN and BN phases: experimental and theoretical studies
AE Steinman, S Corthay, KL Firestein, DG Kvashnin, AM Kovalskii, ...
Materials & Design 141, 88-98, 2018
Formation of graphene quantum dots by “Planting” hydrogen atoms at a graphene nanoribbon
LA Chernozatonskii, AA Artyukh, DG Kvashnin
JETP letters 95 (5), 266-270, 2012
Similarity in band gap behavior of modified graphene with different types of functionalization
LA Chernozatonskii, DG Kvashnin, OP Kvashnina, NA Konstantinova
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (2), 1318-1321, 2014
Strong Influence of Graphane Island Configurations on the Electronic Properties of a Mixed Graphene/Graphane Superlattice
LA Chernozatonskii, DG Kvashnin, PB Sorokin, AG Kvashnin, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (37), 20035-20039, 2012
Statistically Analyzed Photoresponse of Elastically Bent CdS Nanowires Probed by Light-Compatible In Situ High-Resolution TEM
C Zhang, O Cretu, DG Kvashnin, N Kawamoto, M Mitome, X Wang, ...
Nano letters 16 (10), 6008-6013, 2016
Nanostructured BN–Mg composites: features of interface bonding and mechanical properties
DG Kvashnin, AV Krasheninnikov, D Shtansky, PB Sorokin, D Golberg
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 (2), 965-969, 2016
The theoretical study of mechanical properties of graphene membranes
AG Kvashnin, PB Sorokin, DG Kvashnin
Fullerenes, Nanotubes, and Carbon Nanostructures 18 (4-6), 497-500, 2010
Theoretical Study of Elastic Properties of SiC Nanowires of Different Shapes
PB Sorokin, DG Kvashnin, AG Kvashnin, PV Avramov, ...
Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology 10 (8), 4992-4997, 2010
One-atom-thick 2D copper oxide clusters on graphene
E Kano, DG Kvashnin, S Sakai, LA Chernozatonskii, PB Sorokin, ...
Nanoscale 9 (11), 3980-3985, 2017
Structural analysis and atomic simulation of Ag/BN nanoparticle hybrids obtained by Ag ion implantation
KL Firestein, DG Kvashnin, AN Sheveyko, IV Sukhorukova, AM Kovalskii, ...
Materials & Design 98, 167-173, 2016
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