Vlad M. Socoliuc
Vlad M. Socoliuc
Romanian Academy - Timisoara Branch
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Sterically stabilized water based magnetic fluids: Synthesis, structure and properties
D Bica, L Vékás, MV Avdeev, O Marinică, V Socoliuc, M Bălăsoiu, ...
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 311 (1), 17-21, 2007
Magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles: Recent trends in design and synthesis of magnetoresponsive nanosystems
E Tombácz, R Turcu, V Socoliuc, L Vékás
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 468 (3), 442-453, 2015
The influence of particle clustering on the rheological properties of highly concentrated magnetic nanofluids
D Susan-Resiga, V Socoliuc, T Boros, T Borbáth, O Marinica, A Han, ...
Journal of colloid and interface science 373 (1), 110-115, 2012
Agglomerate formation in moderately concentrated ferrofluids from static magneto-optical measurements
V Socoliuc, M Raşa, V Sofonea, D Bica, L Osvath, D Luca
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 191 (1-2), 241-248, 1999
Magnetic microgels, a promising candidate for enhanced magnetic adsorbent particles in bioseparation: synthesis, physicochemical characterization, and separation performance
R Turcu, V Socoliuc, I Craciunescu, A Petran, A Paulus, M Franzreb, ...
Soft Matter 11 (5), 1008-1018, 2015
Magnetic nanoparticle systems for nanomedicine—A materials science perspective
V Socoliuc, D Peddis, VI Petrenko, MV Avdeev, D Susan-Resiga, T Szabó, ...
Magnetochemistry 6 (1), 2, 2020
Nano-micro composite magnetic fluids: Magnetic and magnetorheological evaluation for rotating seal and vibration damper applications
O Marinică, D Susan-Resiga, F Bălănean, D Vizman, V Socoliuc, L Vékás
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 406, 134-143, 2016
Experimental investigation of magneticinduced phase-separation kinetics in aqueous ferrofluids
V Socoliuc, D Bica
Adsorption and Nanostructure, 131-135, 2001
Magnetic immunochromatographic test for histamine detection in wine
A Moyano, M Salvador, JC Martínez-García, V Socoliuc, L Vékás, ...
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 411 (25), 6615-6624, 2019
Magnetically induced phase condensation in an aqueous dispersion of magnetic nanogels
V Socoliuc, L Vékás, R Turcu
Soft Matter 9 (11), 3098-3105, 2013
High concentration aqueous magnetic fluids: structure, colloidal stability, magnetic and flow properties
C Vasilescu, M Latikka, KD Knudsen, VM Garamus, V Socoliuc, R Turcu, ...
Soft Matter 14 (32), 6648-6666, 2018
Estimation of magnetic particle clustering in magnetic fluids from static magnetization experiments
V Socoliuc, D Bica, L Vekas
Journal of colloid and interface science 264 (1), 141-147, 2003
Investigation of concentration and surfactant quality influence on magnetic particle agglomeration in ferrofluids from static linear dichroism experiments
V Socoliuc
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 207 (1-3), 146-157, 1999
Concentrated magnetic fluids on water and short chain length organic carriers
L Vekas, D Bica, O Marinica, M Raşa, V Socoliuc, FD Stoian
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 289, 50-53, 2005
Concentration dependence of magnetisation and magneto-optical effects in a ferrofluid with double layer stabilized particles
D Jamon, F Donatini, J Monin, M Raşa, V Socoliuc, O Filip, D Bica, ...
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 201 (1-3), 174-177, 1999
Thermosensitive betulinic acid-loaded magnetoliposomes: A promising antitumor potential for highly aggressive human breast adenocarcinoma cells under hyperthermic conditions
CG Farcas, C Dehelean, IA Pinzaru, M Mioc, V Socoliuc, EA Moaca, ...
International Journal of Nanomedicine 15, 8175, 2020
Extinction of polarized light in ferrofluids with different magnetic particle concentrations
V Socoliuc, LB Popescu
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 324 (2), 113-123, 2012
The effect of colloidal stabilization upon ferrimagnetic resonance in magnetic fluids in the presence of a polarizing magnetic field
PC Fannin, CN Marin, V Socoliuc, GM Istratuca, AT Giannitsis
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 36 (11), 1227, 2003
Structural characterization of concentrated aqueous ferrofluids
AV Nagornyi, V Socoliuc, VI Petrenko, L Almasy, OI Ivankov, MV Avdeev, ...
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 501, 166445, 2020
Carboxylated polysaccharides decorated with ultrasmall magnetic nanoparticles with antibacterial and MRI properties
G Biliuta, L Sacarescu, V Socoliuc, M Iacob, L Gheorghe, D Negru, ...
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 218 (10), 1700062, 2017
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