Vitaly Kadnikov
Vitaly Kadnikov
Institute of Bioengineering Research Center of Biotechnology of the Russian Academy of Sciences
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Shifting the limits in wheat research and breeding using a fully annotated reference genome
International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium (IWGSC), R Appels, ...
Science 361 (6403), eaar7191, 2018
Characterization of Melioribacter roseus gen. nov., sp. nov., a novel facultatively anaerobic thermophilic cellulolytic bacterium from the class Ignavibacteria, and a proposal of a novel …
OA Podosokorskaya, VV Kadnikov, SN Gavrilov, AV Mardanov, AY Merkel, ...
Environmental microbiology 15 (6), 1759-1771, 2013
Microbial community structure in methane hydrate-bearing sediments of freshwater Lake Baikal
VV Kadnikov, AV Mardanov, AV Beletsky, OV Shubenkova, ...
FEMS microbiology ecology 79 (2), 348-358, 2012
Genome sequence and analysis of methylotrophic yeast Hansenula polymorpha DL1
NV Ravin, MA Eldarov, VV Kadnikov, AV Beletsky, J Schneider, ...
BMC genomics 14, 1-20, 2013
Genome of the candidate phylum Aminicenantes bacterium from a deep subsurface thermal aquifer revealed its fermentative saccharolytic lifestyle
VV Kadnikov, AV Mardanov, AV Beletsky, OV Karnachuk, NV Ravin
Extremophiles 23, 189-200, 2019
Genomic analysis of Melioribacter roseus, facultatively anaerobic organotrophic bacterium representing a novel deep lineage within Bacteriodetes/Chlorobi group
VV Kadnikov, AV Mardanov, OA Podosokorskaya, SN Gavrilov, ...
PLoS One 8 (1), e53047, 2013
The 203 kbp Mitochondrial Genome of the Phytopathogenic Fungus Sclerotinia borealis Reveals Multiple Invasions of Introns and Genomic Duplications
AV Mardanov, AV Beletsky, VV Kadnikov, AN Ignatov, NV Ravin
PLoS One 9 (9), e107536, 2014
Characterization and Genome Analysis of the First Facultatively Alkaliphilic Thermodesulfovibrio Isolated from the Deep Terrestrial Subsurface
YA Frank, VV Kadnikov, AP Lukina, D Banks, AV Beletsky, AV Mardanov, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 7, 2000, 2016
Domestication of previously uncultivated Candidatus Desulforudis audaxviator from a deep aquifer in Siberia sheds light on its physiology and evolution
OV Karnachuk, YA Frank, AP Lukina, VV Kadnikov, AV Beletsky, ...
The ISME journal 13 (8), 1947-1959, 2019
Genomic insights into a new acidophilic, copper-resistant Desulfosporosinus isolate from the oxidized tailings area of an abandoned gold mine
AV Mardanov, IA Panova, AV Beletsky, MR Avakyan, VV Kadnikov, ...
FEMS microbiology ecology 92 (8), fiw111, 2016
The structure of microbial communities of activated sludge of large-scale wastewater treatment plants in the city of Moscow
S Begmatov, AG Dorofeev, VV Kadnikov, AV Beletsky, NV Pimenov, ...
Scientific reports 12 (1), 3458, 2022
The loss of photosynthetic pathways in the plastid and nuclear genomes of the non-photosynthetic mycoheterotrophic eudicot Monotropa hypopitys
NV Ravin, EV Gruzdev, AV Beletsky, AM Mazur, EB Prokhortchouk, ...
BMC Plant Biology 16, 153-161, 2016
Microbial life in the deep subsurface aquifer illuminated by metagenomics
VV Kadnikov, AV Mardanov, AV Beletsky, OV Karnachuk, NV Ravin
Frontiers in microbiology 11, 572252, 2020
Microbial communities involved in methane, sulfur, and nitrogen cycling in the sediments of the Barents Sea
S Begmatov, AS Savvichev, VV Kadnikov, AV Beletsky, II Rusanov, ...
Microorganisms 9 (11), 2362, 2021
Methane as an organic matter source and the trophic basis of a Laptev Sea cold seep microbial community
AS Savvichev, VV Kadnikov, MD Kravchishina, SV Galkin, AN Novigatskii, ...
Geomicrobiology Journal 35 (5), 411-423, 2018
Metagenomic analysis of the dynamic changes in the gut microbiome of the participants of the MARS-500 experiment, simulating long term space flight
AV Mardanov, MM Babykin, AV Beletsky, AI Grigoriev, VV Zinchenko, ...
Acta Naturae (англоязычная версия) 5 (3 (18)), 116-125, 2013
Stable and variable parts of microbial community in Siberian deep subsurface thermal aquifer system revealed in a long-term monitoring study
YA Frank, VV Kadnikov, SN Gavrilov, D Banks, AL Gerasimchuk, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 7, 2101, 2016
A metagenomic window into the 2-km-deep terrestrial subsurface aquifer revealed multiple pathways of organic matter decomposition
VV Kadnikov, AV Mardanov, AV Beletsky, D Banks, NV Pimenov, ...
FEMS microbiology ecology 94 (10), fiy152, 2018
Genome analysis of Thermosulfurimonas dismutans, the first thermophilic sulfur-disproportionating bacterium of the phylum Thermodesulfobacteria
AV Mardanov, AV Beletsky, VV Kadnikov, AI Slobodkin, NV Ravin
Frontiers in Microbiology 7, 208689, 2016
Evolutionary stasis of a deep subsurface microbial lineage
ED Becraft, MCY Lau Vetter, OKI Bezuidt, JM Brown, JM Labonté, ...
The ISME Journal 15 (10), 2830-2842, 2021
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