Ilsoon Lee
Ilsoon Lee
Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, Michigan State University
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Nanometal-decorated exfoliated graphite nanoplatelet based glucose biosensors with high sensitivity and fast response
J Lu, I Do, LT Drzal, RM Worden, I Lee
ACS nano 2 (9), 1825-1832, 2008
Two component particle arrays on patterned polyelectrolyte multilayer templates
H Zheng, I Lee, MF Rubner, PT Hammond
Advanced Materials 14 (8), 569-572, 2002
Simple fabrication of a highly sensitive glucose biosensor using enzymes immobilized in exfoliated graphite nanoplatelets nafion membrane
J Lu, LT Drzal, RM Worden, I Lee
Chemistry of Materials 19 (25), 6240-6246, 2007
Controlled cluster size in patterned particle arrays via directed adsorption on confined surfaces
I Lee, H Zheng, MF Rubner, PT Hammond
Advanced Materials 14 (8), 572-577, 2002
Immobilization of cellulase on magnetoresponsive graphene nano-supports
AA Gokhale, J Lu, I Lee
Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic 90, 76-86, 2013
Time Controlled Protein Release from Layer‐by‐Layer Assembled Multilayer Functionalized Agarose Hydrogels
S Mehrotra, D Lynam, R Maloney, KM Pawelec, MH Tuszynski, I Lee, ...
Advanced functional materials 20 (2), 247-258, 2010
Controlling primary hepatocyte adhesion and spreading on protein-free polyelectrolyte multilayer films
S Kidambi, I Lee, C Chan
Journal of the American Chemical Society 126 (50), 16286-16287, 2004
Cell adhesion on polyelectrolyte multilayer coated polydimethylsiloxane surfaces with varying topographies
S Kidambi, N Udpa, SA Schroeder, R Findlan, I Lee, C Chan
Tissue engineering 13 (8), 2105-2117, 2007
Patterned co‐culture of primary hepatocytes and fibroblasts using polyelectrolyte multilayer templates
S Kidambi, L Sheng, ML Yarmush, M Toner, I Lee, C Chan
Macromolecular bioscience 7 (3), 344-353, 2007
Wrinkle-free nanomechanical film: control and prevention of polymer film buckling
TR Hendricks, I Lee
Nano letters 7 (2), 372-379, 2007
Identification of a novel benzimidazole that inhibits bacterial biofilm formation in a broad-spectrum manner
K Sambanthamoorthy, AA Gokhale, W Lao, V Parashar, MB Neiditch, ...
Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy 55 (9), 4369-4378, 2011
Selective electroless nickel plating of particle arrays on polyelectrolyte multilayers
I Lee, PT Hammond, MF Rubner
Chemistry of materials 15 (24), 4583-4589, 2003
Self-assembled particle monolayers on polyelectrolyte multilayers: particle size effects on formation, structure, and optical properties
JS Ahn, PT Hammond, MF Rubner, I Lee
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 259 (1-3 …, 2005
Intact pattern transfer of conductive exfoliated graphite nanoplatelet composite films to polyelectrolyte multilayer platforms
TR Hendricks, J Lu, LT Drzal, I Lee
Advanced Materials 20 (10), 2008-2012, 2008
Selective depositions on polyelectrolyte multilayers: Self-assembled monolayers of m-dPEG acid as molecular template
S Kidambi, C Chan, I Lee
Journal of the American Chemical Society 126 (14), 4697-4703, 2004
Cell adhesive behavior on thin polyelectrolyte multilayers: cells attempt to achieve homeostasis of its adhesion energy
S Mehrotra, SC Hunley, KM Pawelec, L Zhang, I Lee, S Baek, C Chan
Langmuir 26 (15), 12794-12802, 2010
Multilayer mediated forward and patterned siRNA transfection using linear-PEI at extended N/P ratios
S Mehrotra, I Lee, C Chan
Acta biomaterialia 5 (5), 1474-1488, 2009
Buckling in nanomechanical films
TR Hendricks, W Wang, I Lee
Soft Matter 6 (16), 3701-3706, 2010
Controlling amine receptor group density on aluminum oxide surfaces by mixed silane self assembly
I Lee, RP Wool
Thin Solid Films 379 (1-2), 94-100, 2000
Stable aqueous suspension and self-assembly of graphite nanoplatelets coated with various polyelectrolytes
J Lu, I Do, H Fukushima, I Lee, LT Drzal
Journal of Nanomaterials 2010, 2010
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