M Belkacem
M Belkacem
Laboratoire de Physique Théorique, Université de Toulouse & CNRS
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Microscopic models for ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions
SA Bass, M Belkacem, M Bleicher, M Brandstetter, L Bravina, C Ernst, ...
Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics 41, 255-369, 1998
Relativistic hadron-hadron collisions in the ultra-relativistic quantum molecular dynamics model
M Bleicher, E Zabrodin, C Spieles, SA Bass, C Ernst, S Soff, L Bravina, ...
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Treatment of cutting oil/water emulsion by coupling coagulation and dissolved air flotation
K Bensadok, M Belkacem, G Nezzal
Desalination 206 (1-3), 440-448, 2007
Local equilibrium in heavy ion collisions: Microscopic model versus statistical model analysis
LV Bravina, EE Zabrodin, MI Gorenstein, SA Bass, M Belkacem, ...
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Intermediate mass excess of dilepton production in heavy ion collisions at relativistic energies
C Ernst, SA Bass, M Belkacem, H Stoecker, W Greiner
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Properties of ρ and ω mesons at finite temperature and density as inferred from experiment
VL Eletsky, M Belkacem, PJ Ellis, JI Kapusta
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Equation of state, spectra, and composition of hot and dense infinite hadronic matter in a microscopic transport model
M Belkacem, M Brandstetter, SA Bass, M Bleicher, L Bravina, ...
Physical Review C 58 (3), 1727, 1998
Critical evolution of a finite system
M Belkacem, V Latora, A Bonasera
Physical Review C 52 (1), 271, 1995
Dynamics of instabilities and intermittency
V Latora, M Belkacem, A Bonasera
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Can momentum correlations prove kinetic equilibration in heavy ion collisions at 160 AGeV?
M Bleicher, M Belkacem, C Ernst, H Weber, L Gerland, C Spieles, ...
Physics Letters B 435 (1-2), 9-12, 1998
Local thermodynamical equilibrium and the equation of state of hot, dense matter created in Au+ Au collisions at AGS
LV Bravina, MI Gorenstein, M Belkacem, SA Bass, M Bleicher, ...
Physics Letters B 434 (3-4), 379-387, 1998
Local thermal and chemical equilibration and the equation of state in relativistic heavy ion collisions
LV Bravina, M Brandstetter, MI Gorenstein, EE Zabrodin, M Belkacem, ...
Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics 25 (2), 351, 1999
Circumstantial Evidence for Critical Behavior in Peripheral Collisions at 35 MeV/nucleon
PF Mastinu, M Belkacem, M D'Agostino, M Bruno, PM Milazzo, G Vannini, ...
Physical review letters 76 (15), 2646, 1996
New results in metal working wastewater treatment using membrane technology
M Belkacem, H Matamoros, C Cabassud, Y Aurelle, J Cotteret
Journal of membrane science 106 (3), 195-205, 1995
On the importance of damping phenomena in clusters irradiated by intense laser fields
F Megi, M Belkacem, MA Bouchene, E Suraud, G Zwicknagel
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 36 (2), 273, 2003
Fluctuations and inhomogenities of energy density and isospin in Pb+ Pb at the SPS
M Bleicher, L Gerland, C Spieles, A Dumitru, S Bass, M Belkacem, ...
Nuclear physics. A, Nuclear and hadronic physics 638 (1-2), 391c-394c, 1998
Are we close to an equilibrated quark-gluon plasma? Nonequilibrium analysis of particle production in ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions
SA Bass, M Belkacem, M Brandstetter, M Bleicher, L Gerland, J Konopka, ...
Physical review letters 81 (19), 4092, 1998
Groundwater treatment by reverse osmosis
M Belkacem, S Bekhti, K Bensadok
Desalination 206 (1-3), 100-106, 2007
Dileptons and photons from coarse-grained microscopic dynamics and hydrodynamics compared to experimental data
P Huovinen, M Belkacem, PJ Ellis, JI Kapusta
Physical Review C 66 (1), 014903, 2002
Applications of Boltzmann-Langevin equation to nuclear collisions
E Suraud, S Ayik, M Belkacem, J Stryjewski
Nuclear Physics A 542 (1), 141-158, 1992
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