Isaac Chenchiah
Isaac Chenchiah
Senior Lecturer, School of Mathematics, University of Bristol
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Multi-stable cylindrical lattices
A Pirrera, X Lachenal, S Daynes, PM Weaver, IV Chenchiah
Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 61 (11), 2087-2107, 2013
Morphing shell structures: a generalised modelling approach
E Lamacchia, A Pirrera, IV Chenchiah, PM Weaver
Composite Structures 131, 1017-1027, 2015
The relaxation of two-well energies with possibly unequal moduli
IV Chenchiah, K Bhattacharya
Archive for rational mechanics and analysis 187 (3), 409-479, 2008
Non-axisymmetric bending of thin annular plates due to circumferentially distributed moments
E Lamacchia, A Pirrera, IV Chenchiah, PM Weaver
International Journal of Solids and Structures 51 (3-4), 622-632, 2014
Non-laminate microstructures in monoclinic-I martensite
IV Chenchiah, A Schlömerkemper
Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis 207 (1), 39-74, 2013
Gradient flows in asymmetric metric spaces
IV Chenchiah, MO Rieger, J Zimmer
Nonlinear Analysis: Theory, Methods & Applications 71 (11), 5820-5834, 2009
A two variant thermomechanical model for shape memory alloys
IV Chenchiah, SM Sivakumar
Mechanics research communications 26 (3), 301-307, 1999
Multiscale tailoring of helical lattice systems for bespoke thermoelasticity
MP O’Donnell, JP Stacey, IV Chenchiah, A Pirrera
Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 133, 103704, 2019
An energy-deformation decomposition for morphoelasticity
IV Chenchiah, PD Shipman
Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 67, 15-39, 2014
Micro-scale interactions between Arabidopsis root hairs and soil particles influence soil erosion
S De Baets, TDG Denbigh, KM Smyth, BM Eldridge, L Weldon, B Higgins, ...
Communications biology 3 (1), 1-11, 2020
Cahn–Hilliard equations incorporating elasticity: analysis and comparison to experiments
T Blesgen, IV Chenchiah
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical …, 2013
A generalized Cahn–Hilliard equation incorporating geometrically linear elasticity
T Blesgen, IV Chenchiah
Interfaces and Free Boundaries 13 (1), 1-27, 2011
Bespoke extensional elasticity through helical lattice systems
MDX Dixon, MP O'Donnell, A Pirrera, IV Chenchiah
Proceedings of the Royal Society A 475 (2232), 20190547, 2019
Energy-minimizing microstructures in multiphase elastic solids
IV Chenchiah
California Institute of Technology, 2004
Upper and lower bounds on the set of recoverable strains and on effective energies in cubic-to-monoclinic martensitic phase transformations
A Schlömerkemper, IV Chenchiah, R Fechte-Heinen, D Wachsmuth
MATEC Web of Conferences 33, 02011, 2015
Examples of nonlinear homogenization involving degenerate energies. I. Plane strain
IV Chenchiah, K Bhattacharya
Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering …, 2005
Towards the efficient computation of effective properties of microstructured materials
CF Kreiner, J Zimmer, IV Chenchiah
Comptes Rendus Mecanique 332 (3), 169-174, 2004
Analysis of aerodynamic and electrostatic sensing in mechanoreceptor arthropod hairs
RA Palmer, IV Chenchiah, D Robert
Journal of Theoretical Biology 530, 110871, 2021
A centrifuge-based method for identifying novel genetic traits that affect root-substrate adhesion in Arabidopsis thaliana
BM Eldridge, ER Larson, L Weldon, KM Smyth, AN Sellin, IV Chenchiah, ...
Frontiers in plant science 12, 243, 2021
Exploring Adaptive Behavior of Non-linear Hexagonal Frameworks
MP O'Donnell, M Towes, RMJ Groh, IV Chenchiah
Frontiers in Materials 7, 64, 2020
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