Wei Xu (许威)
Wei Xu (许威)
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Multicell MIMO communications relying on intelligent reflecting surfaces
C Pan, H Ren, K Wang, W Xu, M Elkashlan, A Nallanathan, L Hanzo
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 19 (8), 5218-5233, 2020
Low-complexity hybrid precoding in massive multiuser MIMO systems
L Liang, W Xu, X Dong
IEEE Wireless Communications Letters 3 (6), 653-656, 2014
Secrecy rate maximization for intelligent reflecting surface assisted multi-antenna communications
H Shen, W Xu, S Gong, Z He, C Zhao
IEEE Communications Letters 23 (9), 1488-1492, 2019
Resource allocation for D2D-enabled vehicular communications
L Liang, GY Li, W Xu
IEEE Transactions on Communications 65 (7), 3186-3197, 2017
Multi-agent deep reinforcement learning-based trajectory planning for multi-UAV assisted mobile edge computing
L Wang, K Wang, C Pan, W Xu, N Aslam, L Hanzo
IEEE Transactions on Cognitive Communications and Networking 7 (1), 73-84, 2020
Edge learning for B5G networks with distributed signal processing: Semantic communication, edge computing, and wireless sensing
W Xu, Z Yang, DWK Ng, M Levorato, YC Eldar, M Debbah
IEEE journal of selected topics in signal processing 17 (1), 9-39, 2023
5G cellular user equipment: From theory to practical hardware design
Y Huo, X Dong, W Xu
IEEE access 5, 13992-14010, 2017
Energy-efficient wireless communications with distributed reconfigurable intelligent surfaces
Z Yang, M Chen, W Saad, W Xu, M Shikh-Bahaei, HV Poor, S Cui
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 21 (1), 665-679, 2021
On the optimality of power allocation for NOMA downlinks with individual QoS constraints
Z Yang, W Xu, C Pan, Y Pan, M Chen
IEEE Communications Letters 21 (7), 1649-1652, 2017
Energy efficient resource allocation in machine-to-machine communications with multiple access and energy harvesting for IoT
Z Yang, W Xu, Y Pan, C Pan, M Chen
IEEE Internet of Things Journal 5 (1), 229-245, 2017
Energy efficient UAV communication with energy harvesting
Z Yang, W Xu, M Shikh-Bahaei
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 69 (2), 1913-1927, 2019
Standard analysis for transfer delay in CTCS‐3
Y Cao, L Ma, S Xiao, X Zhang, W Xu
Chinese Journal of Electronics 26 (5), 1057-1063, 2017
Deep reinforcement learning based dynamic trajectory control for UAV-assisted mobile edge computing
L Wang, K Wang, C Pan, W Xu, N Aslam, A Nallanathan
IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 21 (10), 3536-3550, 2021
Deep-learning-based joint resource scheduling algorithms for hybrid MEC networks
F Jiang, K Wang, L Dong, C Pan, W Xu, K Yang
IEEE Internet of Things Journal 7 (7), 6252-6265, 2019
Spectral and energy efficiency of IRS-assisted MISO communication with hardware impairments
S Zhou, W Xu, K Wang, M Di Renzo, MS Alouini
IEEE wireless communications letters 9 (9), 1366-1369, 2020
Joint altitude, beamwidth, location, and bandwidth optimization for UAV-enabled communications
Z Yang, C Pan, M Shikh-Bahaei, W Xu, M Chen, M Elkashlan, ...
IEEE Communications Letters 22 (8), 1716-1719, 2018
MIMO channel information feedback using deep recurrent network
C Lu, W Xu, H Shen, J Zhu, K Wang
IEEE Communications Letters 23 (1), 188-191, 2018
Fair non-orthogonal multiple access for visible light communication downlinks
Z Yang, W Xu, Y Li
IEEE wireless communications letters 6 (1), 66-69, 2016
Indoor positioning for multiphotodiode device using visible-light communications
W Xu, J Wang, H Shen, H Zhang, X You
IEEE Photonics Journal 8 (1), 1-11, 2015
Sum-rate maximization of uplink rate splitting multiple access (RSMA) communication
Z Yang, M Chen, W Saad, W Xu, M Shikh-Bahaei
IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 21 (7), 2596-2609, 2020
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