Márton Szabolcs
Márton Szabolcs
Centre for Ecological Research, Hungary
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Critical catchments for freshwater biodiversity conservation in Europe: identification, prioritisation and gap analysis
SF Carrizo, S Lengyel, F Kapusi, M Szabolcs, HD Kasperidus, M Scholz, ...
Journal of Applied Ecology 54 (4), 1209-1218, 2017
Phylogeography of a cryptic speciation continuum in Eurasian spadefoot toads (Pelobates)
C Dufresnes, I Strachinis, N Suriadna, G Mykytynets, D Cogălniceanu, ...
Molecular ecology 28 (13), 3257-3270, 2019
Distribution and diversity of reptiles in Albania: a novel database from a Mediterranean hotspot
E Mizsei, D Jablonski, Z Végvári, S Lengyel, M Szabolcs
Amphibia-Reptilia 38 (2), 157-173, 2017
Distribution and diversity of amphibians in Albania: new data and foundations of a comprehensive database
M Szabolcs, E Mizsei, D Jablonski, B Vági, B Mester, Z Végvári, S Lengyel
Amphibia-Reptilia 38 (4), 435-448, 2017
Species distribution modelling leads to the discovery of new populations of one of the least known European snakes, Vipera ursinii graeca, in Albania
E Mizsei, B Üveges, B Vági, M Szabolcs, S Lengyel, WP Pfliegler, ...
Amphibia-Reptilia 37 (1), 55-68, 2016
The distribution of meadow and steppe vipers (Vipera graeca, V. renardi and V. ursinii)
E Mizsei, O Zinenko, N Sillero, V Ferri, SA Roussos, M Szabolcs
Basic and Applied Herpetology 32, 77-83, 2018
First records of the Italian wall lizard, Podarcis siculus (Rafinesque-Schmaltz, 1810) (Squamata: Lacertidae) in Albania
E Mizsei, M Uhrin, D Jablonski, M Szabolcs
Turkish Journal of Zoology 40 (5), 814-817, 2016
Restoration for variability: emergence of the habitat diversity paradigm in terrestrial ecosystem restoration
S Lengyel, B Mester, M Szabolcs, C Szepesváry, G Szabó, L Polyák, ...
Restoration Ecology 28 (5), 1087-1099, 2020
Determining priority areas for an Endangered cold-adapted snake on warming mountaintops
E Mizsei, M Szabolcs, L Szabó, Z Boros, K Mersini, SA Roussos, ...
Oryx 55 (3), 334-343, 2021
Vipera graeca
E Mizsei, M Szabolcs, M Dimaki, SA Roussos, Y Ioannidis
The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, 2018-1, 2018
First record of the eastern spadefoot toad (Pelobates syriacus Boettger, 1889) in Albania
M Szabolcs, E Mizsei
North-Western Journal of Zoology 13 (1), 175-176, 2017
Color and pattern variation of the Balkan whip snake, Hierophis gemonensis (Laurenti, 1768)
D Jablonski, M Szabolcs, A Simovic, E Mizsei
Turkish Journal of Zoology 41 (2), 363-369, 2017
A trait‐based framework for understanding predator–prey relationships: Trait matching between a specialist snake and its insect prey
E Mizsei, Z Boros, Á Lovas‐Kiss, C Szepesváry, M Szabolcs, G Rák, ...
Functional Ecology 33 (12), 2354-2368, 2019
Az Egyek-pusztakócsi mocsarak (Hortobágyi Nemzeti Park) kétéltűfaunája
B Mester, M Szabolcs, M Szalai, M Tóth, TO Mérő, C Szepesváry, ...
Természetvédelmi Közlemények 23, 50-67, 2017
Salvaging bycatch data for conservation: Unexpected benefits of restored grasslands to amphibians in wetland buffer zones and ecological corridors
B Mester, C Szepesváry, M Szabolcs, E Mizsei, TO Mérő, K Málnás, ...
Ecological Engineering 153, 105916, 2020
Accelerated evolution of tissue-specific genes mediates divergence amidst gene flow in European green lizards
SRR Kolora, DM Gysi, S Schaffer, A Grimm-Seyfarth, M Szabolcs, R Faria, ...
Genome Biology and Evolution, 2021
The Moorish gecko, Tarentola mauritanica Linnaeus, 1758 (Squamata, Phyllodactylidae), in Albania
M Szabolcs, E Mizsei, A Golemaj, D Jablonski
Herpetozoa 34, 159, 2021
Resilience of restored insect communities to extreme weather: A natural experiment
C Szepesváry, Z Boros, B Mester, M Szabolcs, E Mizsei, T Oliver, ...
2018 ESA Annual Meeting (August 5--10), 2018
How are we monitoring biodiversity? Indicators for evaluating and benchmarking species and habitat monitoring programmes in Europe
M Szabolcs, S Lengyel, B Kosztyi, D Schmeller, PY Henry, M Kotarac, ...
ECCB2018: 5th European Congress of Conservation Biology. 12th-15th of June …, 2018
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