Artem V. Artemov
Artem V. Artemov
MedUni Wien
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Deep learning applications for predicting pharmacological properties of drugs and drug repurposing using transcriptomic data
A Aliper, S Plis, A Artemov, A Ulloa, P Mamoshina, A Zhavoronkov
Molecular pharmaceutics 13 (7), 2524-2530, 2016
Bifunctional immune checkpoint-targeted antibody-ligand traps that simultaneously disable TGFβ enhance the efficacy of cancer immunotherapy
R Ravi, KA Noonan, V Pham, R Bedi, A Zhavoronkov, IV Ozerov, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1-14, 2018
Variation in genomic landscape of clear cell renal cell carcinoma across Europe
G Scelo, Y Riazalhosseini, L Greger, L Letourneau, M Gonzàlez-Porta, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 1-13, 2014
Design of efficient computational workflows for in silico drug repurposing
Q Vanhaelen, P Mamoshina, AM Aliper, A Artemov, K Lezhnina, I Ozerov, ...
Drug Discovery Today 22 (2), 210-222, 2017
In silico Pathway Activation Network Decomposition Analysis (iPANDA) as a method for biomarker development
IV Ozerov, KV Lezhnina, E Izumchenko, AV Artemov, S Medintsev, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-11, 2016
A radical switch in clonality reveals a stem cell niche in the epiphyseal growth plate
PT Newton, L Li, B Zhou, C Schweingruber, M Hovorakova, M Xie, X Sun, ...
Nature 567 (7747), 234-238, 2019
Genome-wide DNA methylation profiling reveals epigenetic adaptation of stickleback to marine and freshwater conditions
AV Artemov, NS Mugue, SM Rastorguev, S Zhenilo, AM Mazur, ...
Molecular biology and evolution 34 (9), 2203-2213, 2017
Towards natural mimetics of metformin and rapamycin
A Aliper, L Jellen, F Cortese, A Artemov, D Karpinsky-Semper, ...
Aging (Albany NY) 9 (11), 2245, 2017
Vive la radioresistance!: converging research in radiobiology and biogerontology to enhance human radioresistance for deep space exploration and colonization
F Cortese, D Klokov, A Osipov, J Stefaniak, A Moskalev, J Schastnaya, ...
Oncotarget 9 (18), 14692, 2018
A method for predicting target drug efficiency in cancer based on the analysis of signaling pathway activation
A Artemov, A Aliper, M Korzinkin, K Lezhnina, L Jellen, N Zhukov, ...
Oncotarget 6 (30), 29347, 2015
In search for geroprotectors: in silico screening and in vitro validation of signalome-level mimetics of young healthy state
A Aliper, AV Belikov, A Garazha, L Jellen, A Artemov, M Suntsova, ...
Aging (Albany NY) 8 (9), 2127, 2016
1 H NMR-based metabolic profiling of urinary tract infection: combining multiple statistical models and clinical data
E Nevedomskaya, T Pacchiarotta, A Artemov, A Meissner, ...
Metabolomics 8 (6), 1227-1235, 2012
Non-invasive prenatal diagnostics of aneuploidy using next-generation DNA sequencing technologies, and clinical considerations
YN Nepomnyashchaya, AV Artemov, SA Roumiantsev, AG Roumyantsev, ...
Clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine 51 (6), 1141-1154, 2013
A review of the biomedical innovations for healthy longevity
A Moskalev, V Anisimov, A Aliper, A Artemov, K Asadullah, D Belsky, ...
Aging (Albany NY) 9 (1), 7, 2017
Use of deep neural network ensembles to identify embryonic-fetal transition markers: repression of COX7A1 in embryonic and cancer cells
MD West, I Labat, H Sternberg, D Larocca, I Nasonkin, KB Chapman, ...
Oncotarget 9 (8), 7796, 2018
CpG traffic lights are markers of regulatory regions in human genome
AV Lioznova, AM Khamis, AV Artemov, E Besedina, V Ramensky, ...
BMC genomics 20 (1), 1-12, 2019
Schwann cell precursors contribute to skeletal formation during embryonic development in mice and zebrafish
M Xie, D Kamenev, M Kaucka, ME Kastriti, B Zhou, AV Artemov, M Storer, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (30), 15068-15073, 2019
The clustering of CpG islands may constitute an important determinant of the 3D organization of interphase chromosomes
ES Gushchanskaya, AV Artemov, SV Ulyanov, MD Logacheva, AA Penin, ...
Epigenetics 9 (7), 951-963, 2014
Transcriptome sequencing revealed differences in the response of renal cancer cells to hypoxia and CoCl 2 treatment
N Zhigalova, A Artemov, A Mazur, E Prokhortchouk
F1000Research 4, 2015
Genomes of Strongylocentrotus franciscanus and Lytechinus variegatus: are there any genomic explanations for the two order of magnitude difference in the lifespan of sea urchins?
PV Sergiev, AA Artemov, EB Prokhortchouk, OA Dontsova, GV Berezkin
Aging (Albany NY) 8 (2), 260, 2016
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